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Thursday Habs Headlines: The Canadiens want to fix their terrible power play

Here are your daily links covering the Canadiens and the league, including focusing on the power play, Don Cherry's reaction and determining the future of women's professional hockey.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • Sportsnet amped up its coverage of the Montreal Canadiens:
    • After having finished with a power play that was ranked 23rd in the league last season, the Canadiens are still focused on fixing the man advantage. [Sportsnet]
    • Jarred Tinordi wants to earn a spot on the team and believes that being a reliable player is the only way to do so. [Sportsnet]
    • Another 30+ goal season looks to be in the future for captain Max Pacioretty! [Sportsnet]
    • Don Cherry loves P.K. Subban's impression of him. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, indeed! [Sportsnet]
    • And yes, Subban still does have that suit. [Sportsnet]
  • Bob McKenzie was on TSN 690 sharing his thoughts on Montreal's recent power play futility, while Nathan Beaulieu didn't shy away from explaining just how seriously players treat training camp. [TSN 690 | McKenzieBeaulieu]
  • David Desharnais confirmed that he has been assured by coach Michel Therrien, that he will be playing at centre this season. [RDS]
  • Take a look at the steep human costs associated with failing to deter players from fighting in the NHL. [EOTP]
  • Check out this interesting tidbit shared by the man behind the current version of the Youppi mascot. [The New York Times]
    "Performing as Youppi was a lot of fun, Jean-Claude Tremblay said, but the mascot stunk — no, really. Fans could smell Youppi coming from a kilometer away. The Expos soon commissioned Tremblay to build a new Youppi, preferably one with washable materials. Dominic Tremblay can remember the intoxicating glue fumes drifting up from his family’s basement. It was the scent of his childhood."

Around The League and Elsewhere

  • Erie County police are denying that the rape kit pertinent to the Patrick Kane sexual assault case, has been tampered with. [SB Nation]
  • The CWHL will meet with both the NHL and the NWHL to discuss the future of Women's Professional hockey. [Women's Hockey Nation]
  • The on-ice rivalry between Canada and the United States is filtering into hockey players' decision to play in the CWHL or the NWHL. [Hockey Now]
  • Aren't these awesome?
  • The NHL is mentoring twin adventurers in India, in an effort to inspire Indian women. [NHL]
  • Hockey players find it difficult to reach out for help, but former players Dan Carcillo and Brantt Myhres are working towards changing that mentality. [Sportsnet]