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Throwback Thursday: Brendan Gallagher has always played a fearless brand of hockey

Everything about this video from 2002 is classic Brendan Gallagher

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This week we'll take a look back at Brendan Gallagher's origin story, and come to the conclusion that he's played his fearless brand of hockey from the beginning.

This footage comes from the Brick Super Novice Hockey Tournament, which takes place every year at the West Edmonton Mall, and usually involves a plethora of future NHL stars. Gallagher was 10 when the video was filmed.

The Brick tournament has featured players like P.K. SubbanJonathan ToewsSteven StamkosTyler SeguinJordan EberleMax Pacioretty, and more.

Everything about this video is perfect. Gallagher's nose for the net, his penchant for making contact with the goalie, his frustration when the goal is called off. Essentially it's the epitome of Gallagher.

To be fair, it genuinely does appear that Gallagher scored a clean goal, and fell on the goalie afterwards, so his arm flailing was probably justified.

Since his early days in the NHL, some have been quick to point out that Gallagher won't survive if he continued to play a rough-and-tumble style of play, but the fact of the matter is that his brash actions are what vaulted him to the the NHL in the first place, and changing his attitude now would not only be naive, but probably incredibly detrimental to his production.

Gallagher has been undaunted by his lack of size throughout his career, and that's what makes him great.