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Wednesday Habs Links: Jonathan Quick heaps praise on Max Pacioretty

Here are your daily links covering the Canadiens and the league, Max Pacioretty's dangerous release, Michaël Bournival's confidence level and the Lou Lamoriello effect.

Harry How/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • Even though only three other players have scored more goals than Max Pacioretty over the last three seasons, he still continues to be the most underrated sniper in the NHL. [The Players' Tribune]
  • When I think of Max, I think of the most underrated player in the NHL. Only three players have scored more goals than him over the past three seasons — and these aren’t all pretty power play goals. Most of his goals come in 5-on-5 situations where space is tight, and I know he had 10 game-winners last season. Max is similar to Tavares in the way he works in dirty areas. It blows my mind that he’s not talked about more because he’s such a great scorer.

    When you’re playing Max, you have to be very aware of his quick snapshot. He’s able to release the shot so quickly and with so much power that you have to know where it’s going ahead of time to have a chance to stop it. The thing that separates Max is that his shots are as accurate and consistent as you’re going to see in the NHL. He can pick a little sliver of space better than anyone, so if you’re deep in your net when he releases it, it’s game over.
  • Though Michaël Bournival is well aware that he will need to compete for a spot on the Canadiens next season, he is confident that he will force onto the main roster. [Le Journal De Montreal]
  • Torrey Mitchell surprised a group of young hockey players practising in Brossard by taking part in their skating drills. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Ryan Johnston did not expect the Montreal Canadiens to sign him straight out of development camp, but the defensemen believes he can develop his game further. [Northern Life]

Around The League and Elsewhere

  • The Vancouver Canucks have signed Brandon Sutter to a five year, $21.875 million dollar contract. [Canucks Army]
  • Lou Lamoriello has proven that he can create a respected franchise and it is from this ability that the Toronto Maple Leafs should benefit the most. [The Players' Tribune]
  • As Joshua Ho-Sang continues to be criticized by the Canadian press, is it time for the New York Islanders' prospect to consider moving south of the border? [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Check out some of the strangest and most difficult records to break in the NHL! [Grantland]
  • With more consumers moving away from cable television, Major League Baseball Advanced Media will focus on delivering top notch content through the internet. [The Verge]