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Friday Habs Links: Up next, re-signing Nathan Beaulieu & Alex Galchenyuk

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Here are your daily links, including a vote for your favourite play of 2014-15, the salary cap situation right now in Montreal, a Blackhawks trade that could have been, and more.

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Montreal Canadiens news and notes

  • The official Canadiens website is holding a vote to let fans decide their favourite plays of the year. [Canadiens]

  • P.K. Subban thinks someone is a #stud.

  • Dan Petry, father to Jeff Petry and former MLB pitcher, talks about his son's new contract and the impression the city left on Jeff. [TSN 690]

  • After signing Jeff Petry, the Canadiens will probably have about five to six million for its free agents. What does this mean for Alex Galchenyuk and Nathan Beaulieu? [The Hockey Writers]

  • Here's EOTP's salary cap visualisation, post-Petry signing. About a quarter of the Habs' money is tied up in just three defensemen: Subban, Petry, and Markov. [EOTP]

  • Who's most likely to be traded? [EOTP]
  • What could have been. Antoine Vermette scored 38 points in total with Arizona and Chicago this season, but thankfully the Habs didn't bite due to his trade cost.