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Friday Habs Links: What's next for Marc Bergevin?

Here are your daily links, including reactions to Carey Price's NHL awards sweep, an interview with Marc Bergevin, the new 2015-16 season schedule, and more

BROSSARD, CANADA - MAY 2: Marc Bergevin
BROSSARD, CANADA - MAY 2: Marc Bergevin
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens

  • New schedule for next season is released! First home game will be vs. the New York Rangers. [EOTP]
  • Interview with Marc Bergevin yesterday about the draft, Carey Price, and rule changes. [CTV]
  • About Bergevin:

  • Various reactions from the Habs:

  • The full speech from Carey Price encouraging native youth:

  • And one more to cap it off: