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When Carey Price wins the Hart Trophy, you'll be wanting to wear this

It's been awhile, but we have a new shirt design for you.

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Eyes on the Prize

On June 24th, 2015, Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price will cap off his record-breaking season with a Hart Trophy. Today, we launch our Price-inspired shirt, commemorating the amazing feats he pulled off this year, as he dragged the Habs into the postseason with his brilliance.

As always, you can find the EOTP store from the Library menu in the top toolbar on the Eyes on the Prize homepage:


You can also go directly to the [Teespring link right here] and purchase an assortment of shirt designs for various prices.

After feedback on our last design, we've lowered prices significantly, especially since the Canadian dollar has fallen, ranging from $16.10 to $36.50 in US$.

We hope you like the design even more than our last one, and we'll be building new designs just around the corner.