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Torrey Mitchell signed by the Canadiens

The Habs have once again waited until dinner time to make an announcement, this time extending Torrey Mitchell.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Marc Bergevin is a busy man lately, quickly hammering out all of the most pressing contract negotiations he has to deal with this summer. After signing Jeff Petry and Nathan Beaulieu to new contracts in the last week or so, it was Torrey Mitchell's turn next.

Mitchell, who was acquired by the Montreal Canadiens for a song at the trade deadline, struggled down the stretch in the regular season, before emerging in the playoffs in a big way, dominating possession on the fourth line and tying for third on the team in points.

Bergevin has signed Mitchell to a three-year contract extension, meaning Mitchell will be with the Canadiens until the summer of 2018 when Mitchell would be 33-years-old, unless there's a trade of course.

Salary details were not initially disclosed, but we'll get those to you as soon as they leak out, along with some reaction to the contract.

Three years is a lot of term for a fourth line players, but if the salary is reasonable, it may not be too bad.

UPDATE: According to Renaud Lavoie, Mitchell's salary will be $1.2M for the next three seasons, which is very reasonable, but the term still makes me a little hesitant. This isn't the kind of contract that hurts teams though, and for the next two years at least, it's a bargain.