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Canadiens vs Lightning Game Four Top Six Minutes: This Rollercoaster Is Still Going

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Some quick thoughts and highlights from Game 4 between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning, where the Habs beat the Bolts 6-2

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The Top Six Minutes are a lighthearted continuation of the game threads, where we the post-game discussion takes place.

  • Game 3 was devastating. Game 4 was exhilarating. Everyone hates us so we don't have much of a bandwagon, but if we did it would just be a giant class case of emotion.
  • I laughed (bitterly) last game when CBC or Sportsnet or whatever talked about how the Lightning had no desire to go back to Montreal for a game so they really wanted to finish the series off in four games... everybody wants to come back to Montreal. And the Habs were very obliging about it.
  • Ben Bishop didn't have all that bad a game... by his standards.
  • All series long the Habs have parked themselves in Tampa's zone without being able to make anything happen and all of a sudden everything happened this game.
  • Andrei Markov certainly managed to redeem himself with that first goal.
  • P.K. Subban being P.K Subban.
  • Max Pacioretty's shorthanded goal can cure any number of ills and evils.
  • It was a redemption tour for a bunch of the players. - David Desharnais and Brandon Prust included.
  • Dat PAP pass, yo.
  • If there is any way the Bolts could forget Tyler Johnson in Florida we would be really grateful.
  • Brian Boyle looks like how you would draw a villain in a cartoon.
  • All I want from life is for Jeff Petry to be re-signed in the offseason.
  • Sometimes you get a feeling that your team is special. And some of those times you have to face the reality that a team can be special without even being close to a contender. That's the reality we've been dealing with all season, I think, as we've watched Carey Price save their skin and inflate their numbers night in and night out. Our team is special because of its elements, but the sum of its parts adds up to maddening results.
  • Is it special enough to pull off a miracle comeback and win this series? The chances are infinitesimally small. Saturday night's game might be another one of those frustrating 1-0  losses where the Habs throw everything they have on net and Tampa wins with a fluke garbage goal, or another embarrassing beat-down like game 2, or just a run-of-the-mill loss and elimination. Maybe the Habs make it to Game 6 and lose, or even Game 7 and lose. Elimination is the most likely outcome. Still. Let's go ahead and dream.
  • Tonight, for moments at least, they had flashes where they looked like that special a team, and suddenly I can't wait for Game 5. Let's do this one more time, or two, or three.
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3. You have no choice in the matter.


2. You know what they say, "what goes up..." 

what goes up

1. Thankfully they survived.

five goal lead