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Canadiens vs Lightning Game Three Top Six Minutes: Heartbreaker

Last second heroics from Tyler Johnson gives the Tampa Bay Lightning a 3-0 stranglehold on the series. Game 4 goes tomorrow. It may be the last.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Well folks, your Montreal Canadiens may be facing elimination at this time tomorrow.
  • Unless they find some way to score...

1st Period

  • David Desharnais is back! I'm not sure why that's exciting.
  • If you look up stoic in the dictionary, there's a photo of Carey Price during national anthems.
  • Tampa and their fans are nervous. That's a good sign, right?
  • Stamkos and Callahan double up on Petry along the boards.
  • Petry didn't blink an eye.
  • Oh my F... Carey just made three consecutive pad saves. How does he do it?
  • Another post for Subban.
  • It's become painfully obvious that Coach Cooper has cracked Therrien's system.
  • If there was any doubt that Bishop is a diver... Plekanec to the box.
  • Markov out vs Stamkos. What do you think happened?
  • Killorn makes it 1-0 Tampa.
  • It's easy to blame Markov, but why not limit his minutes?
  • Look no further than the New York Rangers series last year to Markov's struggles against teams that pride themselves on speed.
  • Montreal not playing like a team that's going to win a game this series.
  • Gallagher ate a stick. Some birthday cake. No penalty.
  • Gallagher vs Drouin... that would be fun to watch.
  • Habs powerplay in a nutshell: fail zone entry three times, dump it in, accidentally gain possession, give it to Subban, and... save/post/miss.

2nd Period

  • That's it, the Galchenyuk jersey is going on. Desperate times...
  • Where is the energy? Where is the hunger? Where's the desire?
  • With the puck teetering on the goal line, Gally can't reach it.
  • Gallagher unhappily punches the net cam.
  • Weise point blank in the slot... nada.
  • This whole shoot from anywhere and everywhere strategy may have worked against Andrew Hammond, but Ben Bishop is a different beast.
  • It's going to take a perfect play or goalmouth scramble to beat him.
  • Petry. Another post.
  • Tampa hasn't had a shot in 12 minutes. But Montreal hasn't exactly looked dangerous.
  • Ref blows the play dead with the puck sitting in blue paint, unattended.
  • Desharnais' been getting better as the game wears on.
  • Galchenyuk showing some life. Maybe, just maybe...
  • It took 19 minutes, but the Bolts finally get a shot.
  • For a guy who's 9 feet tall, Bishop sure does get hurt often.
  • Markov saves the day with a block after the forward hang him and PK out to dry.

3rd Period

  • This is beginning to feel a lot like Game 1.
  • Double OT anyone?
  • Here come the Habs!
  • Stamkos to the box for tripping.
  • I'm out of powerplay jokes.
  • Lightning fans remember that they're supposed to boo Subban for no reason whatsoever.
  • Pacioretty's turn to hang his head in the box.
  • JDLR and Plekanec 2-on-1 shorthanded... Nope.
  • OH MY GALLY! 1-1! Happy Birthday!
  • Somehow Gallagher beat out skyscraper Boyle and skyscraper Bishop.
  • Boyle point blank? Priced.
  • Now this is the Montreal I remember. Amazing what a goal will do.
  • Anxious moments with just over a minute left...
  • Heartbreaker folks.
  • Johnson makes it 2-1 with 0.7 seconds left.
  • Well, it's been fun.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Molson does not approve:

2. Let's get #microfracture trending again:

1. Cue the brooms. Fans want Therrien swept out, too: