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Canadiens vs Lightning Game Two Recap: A Comedy of Errors

Looking to bounce back from a solid, though disappointing game one, the Habs were in tough against their divisional foes.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

The Canadiens had three important things to take care of going into game two. They needed to finally get some shooting luck, limit Tampa's lethal powerplay, and remain disciplined.

They failed miserably on all counts, and paid the price. Everything that could go wrong did, and the final score reflected that fact.

The Habs actually managed to score first, a rare event for the club. It came from Jeff Petry's stick, his first career playoff goal, and it afforded the Habs 1-0 lead that almost lasted the rest of the first frame. Almost.

With P.K. Subban in the box for crosschecking, Valtteri Filppula took advantage of some quality passing to beat Carey Price glove side. This was the beginning of a frightening trend, as the only member of the Tampa Bay Lightning that didn't score a powerplay goal during this game was Jon Cooper.

Alright, that's a slight hyperbole, but Tampa would go on to score 3 more powerplay goals, bringing their nightly tally to 4, which is 3 more than the Habs have scored during the duration of the playoffs.

What's worse, Steven Stamkos was allowed a breakaway midway through the second frame, ending his scoring playoff scoring drought.

Nikita Kucherov scored twice during the man-advantage, and Hedman added another, as the Lightning continued to score on almost every opportunity presented. The Habs' lack of discipline was on full display all night long.

Tom Gilbert added a useless goal late in the game, but make no mistakes this was a rout.

The most frustrating part of the game, from a Canadiens fan's point of view, is that Montreal did not play a poor game, at least not until they unraveled due to a complete lack of discipline. But their inability to improve their disgustingly low shooting percentage meant that they were once again incapable of capitalizing on any sort of momentum.

Brandon Prust completed the meltdown, as he threw his elbow pad at the Lightning bench following the game, and went off on referee Brad Watson during the post-game scrums. I wouldn't be surprised if Watson did in fact insult Prust. It's usually the linesmen who bring players to the box, but in this case Watson took it upon himself to escort Prust personally, and he clearly rips into #8 once he takes a seat. I understand the frustration on Prust's part, but I have a hard time thinking of a single positive that can come from calling out a referee.

Don't be surprised if the league fines Prust for his comments.

The Habs will have to regroup as they head to Tampa Bay, and forget Sunday's game. Everything that could go wrong did, and Montreal didn't help their cause along the way.

I generally try to end recaps with a silver lining, but in this case  there really aren't many positives to take away from the game, except maybe that Tampa Bay is scoring on almost every single one of their chances, which probably shouldn't last. Unfortunately, it very well could last another two games.

The Habs need to figure out their powerplay, discipline, defensive coverage, and penalty kill, yet they don't have much time in which to do it.

Things are looking grim, but if Price manages to steal a game or two in Tampa, the blood pressure of Habs fans should return to normal.