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Canadiens vs Lightning Game Six Top Six Minutes: Going Quietly into the Night Edition

A cynical and sarcastic take on the end of the Canadiens playoff run

Mike Carlson/Getty Images


  • It's my first time doing the Top Six Minutes during the playoffs and it's a do-or-die game for the Habs, Something ominous about having EOTP's leading cynic doing that no?
  • I'm torn between watching NBC's terrible coverage of the series versus HNIC's terrible coverage of the series, ah hockey broadcasting, the one thing fans on both sides of the border can agree is terrible. That and the Bruins.
  • Tampa might be feeling nervous after two straight losses, but we know they can play better than they have in this series. If there is a game they'll come out and hammer Montreal, this is it.
  • That said, I'm calling Subban to play his best game of the playoffs tonight.
  • so it begins

First Period:

  • Early pressure, I approve.
  • Lightning aren't shy either, but had to figure they weren't going to roll over.
  • First good chance for Montreal goes to Plekanec-Gallagher, more please.
  • I watch Eller zone entries and wonder how he ever struggles to get ice time.
  • Habs need to be more aware of how aggressive Bishop is at playing the puck, it has burned them this year.
  • When does a bad penalty interrupt the hockey?
  • Now they're praising plus-minus for Callahan (who isn't even playing tonight), death to that stat, DEATH.
  • Hockey Night in Canada, where you tune in to watch them root for the team from Florida.
  • DAMMIT PRUST!!! No joy.
  • Another chance for Gallagher-Plekanec, they're on tonight.
  • Two exploding sticks for Markov, that's so Habs...
  • GODDAMMIT, 1-0 Tampa.  D-zone effort was horrid.
  • Habs need the next one, as you can't buy that a 2-0 hole in a game like this is something a team can come out of.
  • And now a puck over glass penalty for the team with a PK that's been a steaming pile of Corey Perry in this series, this can't possibly go wrong,  not at all...
  • If Tampa draws as much as three power plays tonight, even if they never score it will kill me. Brutal PK work by the team so far.
  • They have to be better, no two ways about it. Not getting this back to Montreal otherwise.

Second Period:

  • Scoring a goal in this period would be ideal. Two? Even better.
  • "Emelin got to him just in time" is not a phrase you hear often.
  • Habs are not securing the puck before changes and Tampa is attacking their blue line when they don't, that's not a good thing to allow against a fast team.
  • Not much life so far for a team that can be eliminated, having a spirited 3rd period later on won't do.
  • Carey Price is humming "all by myself" right now.
  • Yeah... down 2-0 and they're playing like zombies. If they go out like this...
  • Habs seem to have noticed they needed to win tonight and are skating, progress!
  • Stamkos had to wake up didn't he?
  • Not going to tie the game with only one line generating chances.
  • What the hell is going on with equipment for the defencemen tonight? Petry, Markov's sticks, Subban's skate... Yikes.
  • This game is pretty much what I thought the series was going to look like actually. Tampa ruling even strength and Montreal unable to generate offence.
  • Habs power play has to score. Also, I'd like 50 million dollars.
  • That's the opposite of a good start on the PP when the opposing team's defencemen generates the offence on your net.
  • And the goal post again, Habs will be hearing that in their sleep a year from now.
  • Power play for Tampa, this will end badly won't it?
  • Yes, yes it did. 3-0 for Tampa, stick a fork in these Habs, they are done.
  • Yeah I'm writing them off, but look at how the game has gone. Habs were never equipped to win a 4-3 game in the playoffs, especially when they play an NHL goalie.

Third Period:

  • Power play off the hop because Brenden Morrow is an idiot.
  • So basically two minutes of no hope at all of Montreal scoring really.
  • First chance on the PP goes to Tampa, again. Habs are way too invested in making sure Price doesn't get bored.
  • There are just not enough skill guys in the lineup to go against Tampa when they're flying, Too many names where five goals in a season is considered regular production.
  • At some point you think Therrien would break out the blender 'just because' but really, no adjustments when you've been getting caved in all game?
  • Weise proving he isn't actually clutch, but gets lucky sometimes. Had two chances to get MTL on the board, but nothing in an elimination game.
  • Galchenyuk wasn't called after getting a high stick, but with this team's PP it would be just cruel to have to watch them blow another one.
  • You think now would be when you shorten the bench and maybe mix the lines a little when you're this close to death, but still nothing. Therrien might as well be a statue tonight.
  • Beaulieu generates an offensive rush to try and get something going, which must surely be a bad thing in Therrien's eyes given how Emelin plays twice as much him during games.
  • Yeah, not a lot to talk about is there? What a 'meh' way for a season to end.
  • Whoa there... Max at least breaks Bishop's shutout. 3-1 Tampa with just under 5 left.
  • Pull for the extra attacker...and the extra man is Desharnais, of course.
  • Empty-net for Tampa, 4-1 and that's all there is to say. In the end they did go quietly into the night.

  • you know what sucks

The Three Stars:

1. It didn't happen, but Star Wars references are immortal to me.

SW ref

2. This is a good game.

a game

3. I approve