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Canadiens vs Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Carey Price makes history

It took some overtime heroics by Lars Eller, but with his 43 win of the NHL season Carey Price set a new franchise record for most wins by a Canadiens goaltender.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • Well folks, just two games left and your Montreal Canadiens are playing for first place in the Atlantic Division.
  • Tonight's tilt with the Red Wings could prove to be a playoff primer, with the Red Wings still in the hunt for the clinch.

1st Period

  • 40 seconds in and Montreal has iced it twice.
  • Mitchell set up Flynn point blank in the blue paint. No dice.
  • Habs playoff success will depend on depth scoring.
  • Someone remind Smith-Pelly & Parenteau that means them.
  • We all know Lars Eller got the memo.
  • Desharnais gets 2 for hugging.
  • Habs with a ton of pressure after killing off the minor but...
  • Tatar makes it 1-0 with a quick wrist shot.
  • Desharnais catches a breakaway but DeKeyser sneaks off the bench to pressure him.
  • Pateryn is an NHLer.
  • Who do you prefer in the lineup: Pateryn or Emelin?
  • P.K. Subban... Andrei Markov... GOAL!
  • Habs tie it and Markov nets his 10th of the season.
  • Not bad for a 36-year-old on one knee, eh?

2nd Period

  • Canadiens with all kinds of pressure again.
  • Galchenyuk's shot wide... I can't wait until he's a full time C.
  • Smith-Pelly tries to go between the legs three feet from the blueline? Therrien's going to love that.
  • Mitchell sets up Flynn AGAIN. No dice.
  • Third time's a charm?
  • Flynn wasn't getting it done, so Petry took over. 2-1 Habs!
  • Have to think Bergevin tries to re-sign the guy.
  • Datsyuk whistles one through Price. Tie game.
  • Prust gets called for hugging.
  • I'm convinced the Wings keep Sheahan around because his name sounds like Shanahan.
  • When was the last time the Habs and Red Wings faced off in the playoffs?
  • I'd love to see it...

3rd Period

  • Habs PowerKill™ early on here. Montreal needs to score.
  • Can Darren Helm teach our players how to skate?
  • 3-2 Red Wings, shorthanded.
  • If Montreal loses, does Carey Price play vs. Toronto on Saturday?
  • Have to think it's Carey's call.
  • How much does the record of most wins by a Canadiens goaltender mean to him?
  • Desharnais with a partial breakaway, draws a penalty without getting a shot off.
  • Montreal needs to tie here. For Price.
  • Ottawa defeats the Rangers 3-0. The East is a crap shoot.
  • If only the Canadiens were more than a perimeter team on the PP.
  • Defensemen Brendan Smith redirects the puck while sitting on the BENCH!
  • That's a 2-minute penalty, folks. 5-on-3 Habs.
  • You don't see that very often.
  • Sportsnet's Jason York calls it a "brain fart." Hard to argue.
  • Refs initially send Smith to the box, but he wasn't on the ice. Sheahan serves it.
  • Subban loses the puck on the line, then mishandles it on the re-entry.
  • Tie game: 3-3.
  • Habs powerplay continues. Thank Smith.
  • Smith-Pelly to the box. So much for that.
  • Eller trips, quite literally, over the blueline on what would have been a sure shorthanded breakaway. smh
  • Scoreboard watching continues: Tampa wins their game tonight.
  • Is it just me, or do the Habs and Lightning seem destined for a post-season reunion?
  • Overtime. Both teams get a point, which means the chances of these clubs facing off in Round one just took a nose dive.


  • Gallagher makes every shot count.
  • Remember that memo I was talking about?
  • Lars Eller with his seventh game winning goal of the year. Money.
  • And with that folks, Carey Price rewrites the Habs record books.
  • Look for Tokarski in goal vs. Toronto on Saturday.

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