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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: Carey Price ties a franchise record

The playoff-bound Habs faced a team that was just eliminated from the race, but still had a few things to prove.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

I was worried the Canadiens would be playing Roberto Luongo tonight just because he'd be better tonight than against Tampa last night, but they're not. The Tampa Bay Lightning shut out this Florida Panthers team last night and are now tied for points in the standings with Montreal, with Montreal still having a game in hand. It's astonishing, the anatomy of a regular season, that despite Tampa's mini Stanley Cup at having swept the team that humiliated them in playoffs last season and all the chances they've had to blow past said team in the standings, they have not.

The Habs' powerplay, which seemed to catch its stride for a couple of games, is once again on life support. Anybody who caught P.K. Subban's comments after the Devils game knows that he is mad, like mad-mad. Very, very mad. Really, really looking forward to his game tonight.

Tonight ... this afternoon, in this game that "doesn't matter," the Habs face Dan Ellis in goal and have a chance to notch Carey Price's 42nd win of the season, and maintain that cushion in the division over Tampa. There are only three games left until the real season. Will they take the two points? Will they do it in regulation? Will it only be one point? Will Carey tie the team record for wins in a season? Will I get Barkov and Markov straight for once?

Let's find out.

First period:
  • Devante Smith-Pelly is on the starting lineup. It took me 40 seconds to write that sentence.
  • I don't mind it. Why not give a player a shot in the arm, a little show of confidence, a "little hug" even?
  • Markov almost scored, and we're only 30 seconds in.  #danellisproblems
  • I've been waiting for so long to reuse that hashtag.
  • 5-on-3  time. Unable to concentrate. Sickened over what we just witnessed. Patch definitely knew something was wrong.
  • 1-0 Habs. Plekanec.
  • Please Patch be okay.
  • Way more people in the stands today than yesterday's game against Tampa.
  • No way Max comes back tonight.
  • Desharnais playing on the same line as Eller? I'm having a hard time concentrating. Who's centring? Tell me Eller. No? Okay.
  • Some dummy just hurt himself trying to rough up Gallagher at Ellis's net. Ha ha. God punishes, as my super-Catholic grandmother used to say. Oh yeah, Happy Easter!
  • Price is a great passer.
  • Weise is a great passer.
  • Another penalty, hooking Torrey Mitchell.
  • No goal, but that powerplay did not look bad.
  • Reaching for the puck is now known as hooking. My grandmother hooked when she crocheted. What we just saw was not hooking.
  • Couple of good shots for the Panthers to tie. But we have Carey.
  • The only thing we care about right now is Pacioretty.
Second period:
  • Max won't be back. Good. He shouldn't.
  • Now we just worry.
  • Windmill saves on Jagr are a thing with Carey, apparently.
  • Time for another Habs powerplay! Now that was a penalty. But, no goal. Still 1-0, Habs.
  • Subban takes a puck to the face. He appears to be fine. WHAT IS HAPPENING.
  • Weise delay of game penalty results in the tie goal. Just peeked at Twitter. Why do I do that. I hope Torrey Mitchell doesn't peek at Twitter.
  • Ha ha! Subban to Gallagher and GOAL baby! Beautiful pass, beautiful goal. 2-1, Habs.
  • With every single Habs game, I'm amazed by Gallagher's effort level. Every facet of his game.
  • P.A. Parenteau! Coast to coast! Another one with no quit. It's almost like Ellis just passed it right back to him for a second chance. #danellisproblems.
  • Okay, that was the second and last time.
  • Oh BOY though I would love to use that again. Those rebounds, man!
  • Carey in another weird collision. You can't see me, but I literally just threw up my hands. This sentence typed by telekinesis.
  • Jeff Petry however, cannot draw a call apparently.
  • Barkov - Jagr - Huberdeau. Say that fast 10 times!
  • I've just looked closely at shoulder badges on the Panthers. Uh. They're awful.
  • DSP! DSP! Oh my god. The little hug! Beautiful. Really happy for the guy. So, apparently, is everyone else.
  • 4-1.
Third period:
  • DSP is still so happy.
  • And he's still trying.
  • I would seriously prefer not to see that Pacioretty fall again, OKAY SPORTSNET?
  • Carey has been so sharp.
  • Emelin gets tripped, another powerplay. Come on, guys.
  • Dan Ellis cannot wait for this night to be over.
  • MacKenzie trips Subban then gets so mad. HE'S A DIVER I DIDN'T DO IT!
  • 5-on-3. Please oh please.
  • That two-man 30 seconds was not great.
  • The ensuing 1:30 was also not great.
  • Not complaining, it's still 4-1.
  • Jaromir Jagr is still tremendous. Just an observation.
  • Everyone talks about how old he is, but he's actually younger than ... you know, a lot of people I know.
  • DSP with the sneaky little penalty ... not sneaky enough.
  • How. many. times. do we have to see skaters hit Price? ENOUGH.
  • At least this sh*t is finally getting called.
  • 4-on-4 then.
  • Nada.
  • I actually in a way thought this game would be dull. Nnnnnope.
  • Panthers with a post with three minutes left. A post is just another puck that didn't go in.
  • Beauflow to the box for a high stick, despite Sportsnet sending de la Rose to the box with elaborate narration and replay.
  • Elaborate narration. I know, look who's talking.
  • Price interfered with AGAIN. I don't know about you. Did he put a little extra into that? God love you, Carey Price. I wish I knew his middle name.
  • Olés in Florida.
  • Carey Price, ladies and gents, just tied the franchise record for wins in a season. You a'ight, Carey.
  • So, Pacioretty is injured, P.K. got a puck to the face, Carey Price was run into a thousand times. Habs win and even got a powerplay goal.
  • Start the car! Start the car!

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