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P.K. Subban doesn't like Mike Weaver's press scrum questions

While the media was attempting to ask P.K. Subban some questions, Mike Weaver decided to interfere.


While friend of the site Brian Wilde and other media members were attempting to ask Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban some questions, fellow defenseman Mike Weaver kept interrupting, which clearly annoyed Subban.

Sensing a chance to bug P.K. even more, Wilde asked Weaver if he wanted to ask a question himself, and even handed him the mic, with Subban protesting "Oh don't encourage, don't encourage that" with a slight smile.

Subban refused to answer Weaver's question, and grabbed the mic away to give back to Brian, then continued on his with his media availability.

I guess Weaver doesn't have much of a career in reporting to look forward to.

Watch the entire interaction here.