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World Hockey Championships schedule, rosters, and television listings

While the Montreal Canadiens continue on their quest for the Stanley Cup, the World Hockey Championships are taking place in the Czech Republic.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens prospect Martin Reway is playing in his second World Hockey Championships, as is Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby. Team Canada is looking to win gold for the first time since 2007 and is rolling out an all-star set of forwards to help in the quest.

The attendance of NHL stars is higher for Team Canada than in recent years, in part because the event starts later and in part because Prague is an attractive place to travel to. The American team has struggled to get any player to commit to the team and the result is a very young team that includes the second youngest player, and the first pre-draft eligible player to play in the senior Men's World Championships in the draft era.


May 1

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Canada Latvia 10:00 am TSN
USA Finland 10:00 am TSN2
Czech Republic Sweden 2:00 pm TSN
Russia Norway 2:00 pm TSN4

May 2

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Switzerland Austria 6:00 am
Slovakia Denmark 6:00 am
France Germany 10:00 am
Belarus Slovenia 10:00 am
Latvia Czech Republic 2:00 pm TSN
Norway USA 2:00 pm TSN

May 3

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Austria Sweden 6:00 am TSN3
Russia Slovenia 6:00 am TSN4
Canada Germany 10:00 am TSN
Belarus Slovakia 10:00 am TSN3
France Switzerland 2:00 pm TSN
Denmark Finland 2:00 pm

May 4

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Latvia Sweden 10:00 am TSN
Russia USA 10:00 am TSN2
Canada Czech Republic 2:00 pm TSN
Norway Finland 2:00 pm TSN2

May 5

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Switzerland Germany 10:00 am TSN
Denmark Belarus 10:00 am TSN3
Austria France 2:00 pm TSN
Czech Republic Slovenia 2:00 pm TSN3

May 6

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Switzerland Latvia 10:00 am TSN
Russia Denmark 10:00 am TSN3
Sweden Canada 2:00 pm TSN
Slovakia Norway 2:00 pm TSN3

May 7

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Czech Republic France 10:00 am TSN
USA Belarus 10:00 am TSN3
Sweden Germany 2:00 pm TSN
Finland Slovenia 2:00 pm TSN3

May 8

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Czech Republic Austria 10:00 am TSN
Slovenia Norway 10:00 am TSN3
Germany Latvia 2:00 pm TSN
USA Denmark 2:00 pm TSN3

May 9

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
France Canada 6:00 am TSN
Belarus Russia 6:00 am TSN3
Austria Latvia 10:00 am TSN (delayed)
Finland Slovakia 10:00 am TSN3 (delayed)
Sweden Switzerland 2:00 pm TSN2
Denmark Norway 2:00 pm TSN2 (delayed)

May 10

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Germany Czech Republic 10:00 am
Slovenia USA 10:00 am
Switzerland Canada 2:00 pm
Slovakia Russia 2:00 pm

May 11

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Germany Austria 10:00 am TBA
Finland Belarus 10:00 am TBA
Sweden France 2:00 pm TBA
Slovenia Denmark 2:00 pm TBA

May 12

Home Away Time (EST) Channel
Canada Austria 6:00 am TBA
Norway Belarus 6:00 am TBA
Latvia France 10:00 am TBA
USA Slovakia 10:00 am TBA
Czech Republic Switzerland 2:00 pm TBA
Finland Russia 2:00 pm TBA

Canadiens Content

Although the Montreal Canadiens are still in the playoffs, one of their prospects will be representing his country at the Men's World Hockey Championships. Martin Reway will join the Slovakian National Team for the second year in a row. As a 19 year old last year, Reway had three assists in seven games. Reway makes the Slovakian team after finishing his first season in the Czech Extraliga, where he won rookie of the year, and finished third in points per game out of players that played in 15 or more games.

Preliminary Rosters 


Belarus (can add two)


Czech Republic