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Canadiens vs Devils Top Six Minutes: Can't complete the sweep

Giving Carey Price a rest on the second of a back-to-back, the Canadiens faced a Devils team looking to end a winless streak.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

By the time I realized that a) I was doing the Top Six tonight and b) that it's a Devil's game, it was too late to run out and grab five or six Red Bulls. Hope we all stay awake for this one.

No Price, no Markov, no problem? I really hope the guys put a bazillion goals in net tonight in support of Dustin Tokarski. The boys lost last night, a heartbreaker in overtime, but the good news is, so did Tampa. Still a point ahead of the Lightning with a game in hand, and winning the division still in sight. One thing we know for sure: Mike Cammalleri will score.

They just ran the "No Red Bull, no wings" spot. Thanks for the reminder. Let's settle in.

First period:
  • I know where the people in Newark are: not at this game, that's where.
  • Five minutes in, shots are 3-0 for the Devils. I just sent my son to make me a double espresso.
  • Galharteau. Desrentyuk. I'm thinking of line nicknames.
  • We have a shot on goal. I repeat, we have a shot on goal.
  • And a shot in goal. Devils open the scoring. Cammalleri is already a +1.
  • I was just about to ask who this Matteau guy is. Hasn't scored in over a year. That was nice of the Habs.
  • Oh my god thank god we get a powerplay.
  • Aaaaaaand it's in. Pleks with the assist by Gonchar!
  • Jeff "I'm-on-red-hot-goddamned-fire" Petry makes it 2-1. Everybody Salsa!
  • All right all right all right what's up everybody? Slow start, good finish to that period.
Second period:
  • Tokarski came out of his net to make a save that doesn't rebound.
  • Habs blocking a lot of shots.
  • Both of the above make me all ... never mind. Devils tie it.
  • Kincaid looks about 7'6" compared to Tokarski, doncha think?
  • Adam Larsson commits one of the most egregious penalties at least in April. Still swearing on his way to the box. OK.
  • Has anyone else noticed that the dump and chase has been largely abandoned as of late?
  • Powerplay over. Exciting! Liked it a lot. But bupkes.
  • That own-goal would have been awesome.
  • Penalty on Galchenyuk and no one appears to have any idea as to why. Including him. And you. And me.
  • As long as Gomez doesn't score.
  • Tokarski tracking the puck and making a nice save. Just get through this one, Dustin.
  • Imaginary penalty has been served.
  • Gomez is some kind of dummy. Cheap shot with the elbow. That's Emelin's face, you jerk. This is the danger when playing teams who have nothing to lose.
  • Blood? Double minor?
  • Liked Parenteau going in to f*** s*** up with Gomez. Good job, PA.
  • Major! Buh-bye Scott Gomez!
  • I love P.K. Subban. That's all. I love him.
  • 1:30 left to do anything with this PP YOU GUYS.
  • So much for the fixed powerplay ... for now.
  • Still tied at 2. See you after intermission.
Third period:

  • Zubrus got in the way of an Emelin puck. Emelin's been at the centre of all the "excitement" tonight.
  • Looks like Team Third Period showed up again.
  • DSP is picking up his SPD.
  • I don't believe that "way out of his net" is the best place for Tokarski. Blue paint, Dustin, ok?
  • Price's little mole on his earlobe. Don't pretend you've never noticed it. Hi Carey!
  • Oh boy. A great save by Tokarski. Love Petry. Love Petry.
  • Habs are good 4-on-4. Time to do this.
  • Oh well.
  • Emelin with the awkward crash into the boards. That hurt.
  • Kincaid gets taken out by his own player at the other end.
  • Another Habs powerplay. Score here, you acquit yourselves.
  • Not a great way to start. Gotta remember Gonchar needs more time to hustle.
  • Gonchar's got a one-timer though, eh?
  • Almost. Almost, P.K.
  • Shots are 26-17, Habs.
  • "I believe the Devils are gonna go here," says the incredulous Jason York. Have we forgotten the IMAGINARY interference on Galchenyuk?
  • 25-second 5-on-3. COME ON. Acquittal!
  • It's funny how anybody ever could ever think they could ever out-skate Subban.
  • Powerplay gone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I have decided that Brendan Gallagher couldn't care less how much he gets tossed around for always being at the net. I mean, obviously.
  • Regulation over. Let's go to OT since we always do anyway.

  • Oh, MAX almost had that!
  • I cannot believe how many powerplays the Habs have received. I cannot believe how many powerplay goals they haven't had. CAN WE PLEASE.
  • I just told my son, "We're basically gonna get a powerplay for the rest of overtime." He replied, "Unless we get a penalty." My little realist.
  • No cigar, not for lack of trying. Not for lack of screaming (from me).

  • Boucher: denied.
  • Galchenyuk: Pas de score.
  • Josefson: Put it in.
  • Desharnais: Nope.
  • Elias: In.

Good night. I've got you Easter Sunday, too. See you then!

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3. Hey, you can never have enough depth!


2. Truth.


1. For science! 



-Plekanec's goal on the powerplay

-Petry's goal

-Gomez gets dirty