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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: Is it time to panic yet

An informal and fun(sort of) look back at game five between the Habs and the Sens.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Pre Game Thoughts

-Best of luck to Devan Dubnyk and Pekka Rinne as they battle for second place in the Vezina trophy race.

-There are no lineup changes because Michel Therrien likes to live dangerously I guess.

-(I haven't done one of these since Game 5 against New York last year so bear with me)

-New game count the amount of times a broadcast says "microfracture".

1st Period

-Alright Habs do the thing

-Too much man on Ottawa!

-And it seems Dave Cameron understands the only way to stop the Habs momentum is to give them a powerplay.

-Say what you will about the Sens but watching Erik Karlsson play the sport of hockey is a treat.

-It took the Sens 8:42 seconds to get a shot on Carey Price...That seems good right?

-Or not, look at the intencity intansety intensity on that Bobby Ryan goal!

-So Chiasson gets praised for blindsiding Jeff Petry who was nowhere near the puck...K then.

-Lars Eller's beard is the stuff of Danish legends.

-Oh well that's less than desirable-Sens up 2-0

-Let's see what Twitter had to say after that period shall we?

Oh well...Maybe the second period will be better?

2nd Period

-I spy Pacioretty with Pleky and Gallagher and this pleases me greatly.

-I may have misheard but did Glenn Healy just use plus/minus to prop up Cody Ceci as a star in this series?

-Dale Weise with a clutch penalty to start the period!

-And now Price takes a delay of game penalty because when it rains it pours for the Habs.

-Except the Habs PK is better than their PP which is terribly sad.

-Mark Stone high sticks Alexei Emelin which is the rough equivalent of...Some sort of equally stupid metaphor or something.

-Since the Habs last scored a powerplay goal Peter Chiarelli was the Bruins GM,then fired,then became the Oilers GM.

-(Internally cries)

-Okay I went and changed jerseys let's see if this helps.

-First time I've noticed David Desharnais all night and of course it's because he took a stupid penalty.

-Was only a matter of time before Erik Karlsson did something like that.

-(Internally cries even more)

-So we're all agreed that Parenteau has to draw in next game right?

-Bueller? Buuuuller?

3rd Period


-HA Bobby Ryan own goal!

-First career NHL point for Greg Pateryn too!

-Emelin made a great play without a stick, no I'm totally serious you guys.

-Fun fact Eller is Danish for "incredible backcheck".

-Alexei Emelin:The four million dollar pylon

-Mark Borowiecki sure seems tough bum rushing and attacking a guy half his size in Brendan Gallagher.

-For the love of the old gods and the new Habs please score on this powerplay.

-(Insert complaint about DD on the powerplay here)

-(Insert all the expletives about the powerplay here)

-You let Condra score on a breakaway...I'm fairly certain that's as bad as it gets Habs.

-CBC sounds like they're on the bench for Ottawa right now with how happy they sound.

-Oh yay let's end the game with pointless shenanigans!

-Salt meet wound...5-1 Sens and we're off to Kanata.

EOTP Three Stars

TSM star 1

TSM star2

TSM star 4


Gilbert scored, that's it.