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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: Dutch Gretzky is his name

Habs rolled into Ottawa and took game three in dramatic fashion.

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Volunteering to write this probably wasn't a good idea. I'd forgotten just how much of a nauseous train wreck playoff hockey makes me (and Chris Neil too). Since the Habs sent the Hamburglar on his merry way, tonight we get to witness the return of Gollum bird man (sorry wrong sport!goalie of nightmares past, Anderson. I for one, welcome this change with the fondness that Sens' fans have reserved for Subban tonight. Carey, we need you to be a fortress today bud.

Also, dead prime minister mascots are just the most creepiest things ever. Why you got to be like this Ottawa?

First period:
  • Let's play a game. How many close ups of Subban and Stone will we get during this game? I'm betting at least 20…before the end of the first.
  • Side note: people who interrupt moments of silence should just get thrown out of the arena.
  • First round of boos for PK. Certainly won't be the last.
  • American All-Stars Bobby Ryan and Max Pacioretty exchange pleasantries on the bench.
  • Sens are hitting, hitting and more hitting.
  • Karlsson tries to hit Beaulieu, bounces off of him instead.
  • MacArthur is scary. I don't like him.
  • PK gets crosschecked in the head and doesn't draw a call…because he's PK.
  • And everything sucks. Bloody hell. It had to be MacArthur and Stone. Of course it did. Now imagine how good Stone would be if he didn't have an injured wrist...
  • In all seriousness though, Hammond looks so sad on the bench. Sens you put that sad Hamburglar back in net right now!
  • Boroweiski looks like he's threatening Gilbert. Someone alert Bryan Murray.
  • MacArthur decided to giveth instead of taketh for a change, and Montreal finally gets a powerplay.
  • Stone is going ham on Subban's wrist. Now if only there was some fan base out there who would advocate for game suspensions for this type of vile, reprehensible behaviour...
  • Montreal's powerplay predictably leads to a Price save.
  • Subban's blast goes off the post. So. Damn. Close.
  • Karlsson blew a tire. Fans want a penalty. This is going to be a L O N G game.
Second period:
  • Even Don Cherry knows that would be a penalty, if that happened to someone other than Subban.
  • Montreal's on the penalty kill. Time to see if my heart will leap out of my chest.
  • Gallagher with a nice chance which leads to a Montreal PP, because Gryba pushed Gallagher. Of course its Gryba.
  • Worry not, Montreal's Powerkill™ has activated.
  • DSP hits Pageau = nice, Karlsson recovers the puck because DSP hit Pageau = very not nice.
  • Also Karlsson's hit Beaulieu = possibly illegal.
  • Both teams are trading quality chances. I'm quickly losing my voice. My family thinks I'm losing my mind. #playoffs
  • Patches' shot led to a rebound but DSP couldn't reach it.
  • Montreal PP again because Turris was holding Pleky (which was also killed).
  • Powerplay clicking in at 10% for the Habs (1-for-10 in the series).
  • Have you accepted Carey Price as your saviour yet, mere mortals?
  • Patches with a glorious move but still no goals for Montreal (can we please have PAP back now?).
Third period
  • The third period starts with off-setting penalties because why not?
  • Puking sensation building up slowly.
  • Dump and chase. Dump and chase. Dump and chase. Rinse and repeat.
  • Pageau get your greasy mitts off of Gallagher!
  • Off-setting penalties again (because why not, yet again).
  • Damn you post!
  • Score effects, you can take effect anytime now…like literally right now would be nice.
  • Yes, I screamed so loud I woke up a sleeping baby. Baby took it in stride, so it's all good.
  • Delay of game penalty. Subban is doing the refs' jobs for them. That'll endear him to the pro-Sens crowd.
  • I can't breathe.
  • I shouldn't have bothered. Montreal's powerplay is 1-for-11 in this series (clicking in at 9%). *sigh*
  • Overtime. I really, really need to puke.
Playoff Overtime
  • There are no loser points. There are no shootouts. There is absolutely no joy.
  • My heart may WILL not survive this.
  • Also, Beaulieu hasn't played a single shift in the third. That is concerning.
  • You have an Anderson? WE HAVE A DUTCH GRETZKY!!!!!
  • I admit, I blacked out until that point.
  • Dale Weise was a one man army against the Sens.

Three Stars

2. Montreal got the memo.

1. Good call

called it


A failed attempt at a hit by Erik Karlsson

Dale Weise ties it!

Dale Weise wins it!!