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Canadiens vs Senators Top Six Minutes: How you doin', Habs nation?

After a frenzied 48 hours of Slashgate, the Habs met the Senators in Montreal again in Round 1 to see if there would be a two-game advantage or tie coming out of it.

You'll be seeing this picture many times in the future
You'll be seeing this picture many times in the future
Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

I'm just watching Hockey Central on Sportsnet and two things come to mind: my GOD that was such a theatrical display by Mark Stone after he got shot slashed Wednesday night. I mean, and we all know that no one ever in the history of hockey has been slashed or delivered a slash before, right? Surprise! The victim is suiting up tonight. Mark "very questionable" Stone is good to go! Whaddaya know about that. The second thing is: is Nick Kypreos on the Senators' payroll? Or perhaps Stone is his son. I know for sure he is extremely opinionated about the one and only slash that has ever been delivered in the history of hockey games.

Patch is back! He's back. He's playing. How do we feel about this? We have to be happy. No one in the Canadiens' organization would do anything to jeopardize Max's health. This can only be a good thing. More skilled forwards? Definitely a good thing. Okay, it's settled: we're happy!

Yesterday was an off day but easily one of the most entertaining off days I can remember. I know one thing: no Habs are going to get hurt tonight. If they are, all eyes will be pointed at Dave Cameron. Right?

We have been waiting for this moment since the last second of Game 1. Got my signed CP31 jersey on. Let's DO THIS!

First period:
  • Hammond makes his first save on a bullet by Gallagher.
  • Haaaaaaammond, Haaaaaaammond, Haaaaaaammond.
  • Lazar looks awfully angry at Emelin for a guy who just pinned him down.
  • Penalty to Gryba for embellishment, right? Took a second for him to go "oh my head." Of course not.
  • MacArthur is the latest recipient of the Emelin BOOM.
  • Subban is trolling Stone. I absolutely love playoff hockey.
  • Bupkes in the Ottawa powerplay.
  • Subban with the big hit. At some point, Ottawa has to be called for embellishment.
  • DSP Boom and Emelin BOOM in quick succession. We having fun?
  • Montreal gets a powerplay ...
  • One of my personal favourite things is how Gallagher is ALWAYS at the net, gets shoved around, and takes his sweet-ass time skating away.
  • That powerplay yielded approximately nine screams.
  • That teeny tuft of hair sticking out of Price's helmet.
  • Ottawa 0-2 on the PP tonight. Close call from Zibanejad, but Price.
  • MacArthur scores, and forgets he's at the Bell Centre when he goes to jump up on the glass. Or maybe he's just a troll.
Second period:
  • HUGE chance for Montreal to start the period. And the Hammond chants recommence.
  • Smith-Pelly seems to have found his wheels lately, eh?
  • Penalty on Ottawa. Harsh hit on Flynn. LET'S DO THIS. The last powerplay goal the Habs scored in Game 1 was on an Ottawa powerplay, so let's flip that.
  • GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Captain Patch, baby!! He's baaaaaack! All tied up, baby!
  • The Hammond chants. The Hammond chants.
  • That gas pedal is DOWN, baby. Oh, P.K.! So close.
  • Don't boo Karlsson like he matters to us, okay?
  • Okay. Is it just me? Are these play-by-play people anti Habs? Or do I have selective hearing?
  • Powerplay again. Good guys.
  • Nope.
  • SUBBAN! Oh, man. Oh, MAN! And Markov kissed him. I want to marry this moment! MARRY IT. 2-1, good guys!
  • The split screen of the reaction from the benches is DELICIOUS.
  • The Hammond chants.
  • P.K.'s eye of the tiger is unrivalled. Without peer. Nothing like it. Know what I mean?
  • Hoo boy.  So close there. Ottawa misses the open net. The puck is under Carey's pads, and player 9 lands right on Carey's legs.
  • Heading into intermission with the lead. You entertained? (Yes, you are.)
Third period:
  • Another powerplay for the Habs, barely a minute into the period, this, moments after Methot said at intermission that Ottawa's not getting any more penalties. Me likey.
  • CBC just said the "A-team" is now on for the powerplay, naming Pacioretty, Desharnais and Smith-Pelly. This is basically the equivalent of CBC sticking pins into an Andrew Berkshire voodoo doll.
  • Bupkes.
  • Another powerplay coming up and EMELIN almost puts one in on the delayed penalty.
  • Ottawa's all like, why'd you open your big TRAP, METHOT.
  • I mean, it was Methot at intermission, right? I get all those guys mixed up.
  • Is that how you spell his name?
  • Rien de goal.
  • "Listen to this!" Silence. Okay.
  • "Think you're Canada's smartest person?" Of course.
  • You know how it doesn't matter who is talking about Carey Price, they sound enamored by him? Yeah.
  • Emelin interference on MacArthur. I'm tired of writing that guy's name in this piece.
  • Oh, boy. The guy whose name starts with W and I'm not even going to try to spell, scores. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
  • I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue.
  • Obviously, I've never sniffed glue.
  • Tie game. I just had a peek at Twitter. Why do I peek at Twitter.
  • Oh my good freaking god that sequence. Patch coming close, delayed penalty, glorious chances, I'm dying. You dying? Dyinnnnnng.
  • Nothing on the powerplay, regulation over, and now we're into Playoff Overtime. Who brought the defib?
  • Curtis Lazar is 12.
Playoff Overtime a.k.a. Poop your pants time
  • I can literally see my heart beating through my jersey.
  • DSP almost!!
  • I cannot see Karlsson and not also see the prince from the Princess Bride.
  • I almost cannot look directly at my T.V. This is too stressful.
  • Who even scored? I'm dying!!!!!!
  • It was Galchenyuk! Bless your cotton socks, Alex. No time like OVERTIME to get your next goal!
  • Habs lead the series, 2-0.
  • Life is perfect. PERFECT.
  • Have a great weekend, you beautiful bastards!

Three Stars

3 On Pacioretty's goal:


2 But playing a fourth-liner with the Habs best goal-scorer?


1 First star goes to JonPublic for supplying this GIF for any Senators fans reading: