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Friday Habs Links: A summary of the Subban slash controversy so far

Here are your daily links, including the moment before The Slash, the interviews after, Dave Cameron's reaction, everyone's hot takes, and more.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens

  • The aftermath of The Slash:

"The ref made the right call. When you see a player down on the ice rolling around like that, there’s one call to be made. He made the right call. If I was in that position, I’d probably do the same thing."

  • From Mark Stone himself: "There was some intent there, of course." [Sportsnet]

  • The story coming from the game should be about the strong play from our fourth line, but it's not. Chris Johnston argues here that the Canadiens made off like bandits with no suspension. [Sportsnet]

  • Sens coach Dave Cameron wants justice for the "vicious slash on the unprotected part of the body". Cameron is calling for either a Subban suspension or a makeup call for the Senators, as retribution for Mark Stone's micro-fracture.This story is becoming more dramatic than the Dreyfus affair. [TSN]

  • In fact, was there a microfacture at all???

  • Down Goes Brown points out that this may be the worst two teams in the league for a playoff controversy to suddenly arise. Ouch. [Grantland]

Montreal fans and media are obsessed with the team’s history and status, yet weirdly predisposed to view everything through the lens of shadowy conspiracy; Senators fans and media are almost cripplingly insecure about their place in the hockey world and prone to overreact to even the tiniest controversies.

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