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Max Pacioretty injury update: Canadiens forward practicing in regular jersey

Max Pacioretty jumped on the ice in Brossard today in a full contact jersey, that's excellent news.

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

For the first time since he tripped and fell backwards into the boards, Max Pacioretty is skating with his teammates on Monday morning in Brossard, and he's wearing a full contact jersey. While it's possible that he's rushing himself back a little quick for the playoffs, as any athlete would, jumping right into a contact jersey is something that wouldn't be allowed without approval from the Montreal Canadiens' medical staff.

What that means, is that Pacioretty is recovering at a speedier rate than expected (surprise, surprise for Wolverine), and in all likelihood, we'll be seeing 67 streaking down the wing in game one against the Ottawa Senators.

There couldn't be a more positive bit of news for the Canadiens, as Pacioretty scored 44% of the Canadiens' goals against Ottawa this season, and was in on a startling 34% of the team's overall goals this season before he went down to injury.

According to several media members at practice, Pacioretty is wearing a slightly tinted visor.