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Canadiens vs Leafs Top Six Minutes: Habs to face Senators in round one

The Habs got the point they needed by getting to overtime, and another in the shootout. They will now face the Ottawa Senators in round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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I've always wondered what it's like to be a Leafs fan. I grew up in Southern Ontario, so I've had my fair share of exposure to those who fancy themselves supporters of a team that writes literally it's entire name inside its logo, but I've never really understood their plight. I suppose I do feel sorry for them this year, because this will be their last game of the season, whereas the team in town to play against them tonight will continue on to the playoffs.

Speaking of that visiting team, The Montreal Canadiens elected to start their superstar goaltender, front runner for the Vezina and Hart trophies, in a game of arguably minimal consequence to the team's goals for the immediate future. Before this game even starts, I hereby volunteer my services to lead a pitchfork mob from Montreal to Toronto with the worst of intentions, if anything should happen to the great Carey Price in this game.

The biggest question of the night though, is who will the Montreal Canadiens face in the first round of the playoffs. Hopefully the Habs are focused on the task at hand, as the Leafs may be looking to play some divisional title spoiler here.

1st Period

  • How about that. That, err... Anthem before the game there... That was... Well, not something I'm particularly fond of
  • Seriously, why would your idea of a start to a season ending game be a dude playing an obnoxious guitar only rendition of the Canadian national anthem
  • Apparently he's from Big Sugar, a band which I'll readily admit to not knowing, and now not wanting to.
  • A crowd singing together would be better than that ten times out of ten. Enough about that though, and sorry if I offended any huge Big Sugar fans... I mean my band that I just invented. It's called Huge Big Sugar and we're way better.
  • First big chance goes on Carey Price and he makes a big save, because of course he did.
  • First goal goes to the Leafs and Phil Kessel because of course it does. Things are happening fast.
  • You could tell someone from the Habs was going to score there a good four to five seconds before David Desharnais shot it. Yeah, i know, it's weird that he actually can do that.
  • Things really stopped happening fast for a while here, didn't they? I mean, the video of Alex Galchenyuk stickhandling by himself before the game was cool, but otherwise it's pretty yawn.
  • Who is Casey Bailey, and how lucky do you have to be to get your first goal against Carey Price?
  • Totally legit theory: Price saw him deflect it, knew it would be his first, and went "Ok, you can have one." Because he's just that good of a guy.
  • That totally legit theory just gained a whole lot of legit-ness what with Price robbing him on a partial breakaway there. Just saying.
  • Down one heading into the second, is there any merit to the idea of just conceding this one and waiting to see what happens?

2nd Period

  • I'm not kidding, that was some damn beautiful puck movement, but it likely wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't, due to having Pleks. Two apiece now, let's win this division.
  • Tyler Bozak literally got in alone on Price twice in a matter of 10 seconds, and of course he got the second one. At no point did any of the Montreal Canadiens consider covering Bozak on his multiple net drives. Sigh...
  • Then Emelin takes a bad penalty right after, yeah can we just concede now? No? Alright then...
  • What sorcery does Michel Therrien have to get himself some powerplay goals in the playoffs? My guess is none but a man can dream.
  • Every time I see Colton Orr on the screen tonight, my brain says "please don't do anything stupid." Sometimes I actually speak the words, even.
  • Just got told that Boston is losing, so as long as nobody gets hurt, this night can't be terrible.
  • Now we have Eric Brewer throwing a clothesline on Alexei Emelin, and I'm back to wondering if we can just concede this game now because there are actual games, not ones prefaced by the word golf, for Montreal to play after tonight.
  • Emelin did go pretty low on him to earn the shot, but the last thing the team needs is for this to start getting silly.
  • That Jonathan Bernier and Jake Gardiner tandem turnover was pretty silly, and Jacob de la Rose laughed it all the way to the back of the Leafs net. Casually hopping back on the "win the division title" bandwagon in favour of my earlier "concede the game" one.
  • Tie game after two. Twenty minutes until playoff time Please don't let anyone get hurt.

3rd Period

  • Let's talk about the first round opponent thing for a second. Pittsburgh is currently beating Buffalo 1-0 in the third, Boston is tied with Tampa, and Detroit is winning too. If all scores hold the Habs are looking at Ottawa.
  • Still a tad bit more chippy-ness to this game than I'd like to be seeing. It's definitely not helping me to not be worried about injuries.
  • The Penguins just went up 2-0, and Boston just took one unwilling step towards the ledge. Far be it from me to revel in their misfortune though... Hehe.
  • Brendan Gallagher just can't buy a goal tonight. He's had some excellent chances in his favourite spot in the opposing goalie's grill, but just can't finish.
  • OK.. I know the powerplay sucks but HOW are they not scoring on this one. I mean, come on Bernier you're not that good and you know it.
  • HAHAAAAAA. Brendan Gallagher eventually gets rewarded in his spot. Honey Badger don't quit, he just stays in your crease until something happens.
  • Nope haha. Not Gallagher's night, refs changed their mind... Because that happens all the time, right.
  • Seriously he could shoot 30 times himself tonight and probably won't score, poor Gally.
  • Nazem Kadri tried pretty hard to get Price to bite on his fake, but he forgot that's the best goalie in the world. Shoulda tried harder, bud.
  • Lars Eller was in the midst of doing something awesome when Dale Weise had to go and stick someone in the mouth to go to the box. #DutchGretzkying
  • The Habs get a point by going to overtime, and they are your


  • Subban was not happy at all about that high sticking call, but it looked legit to me. Who am I kidding, I'm on team Subban everything.
  • Lars Eller SO DAMN CLOSE.
  • Now I just want them to win the game so we can end this regular season on a great note heading into the dance.
  • The Habs shootout ace P.A. Parenteau just got tossed for who the hell knows what. Shortly thereafter they call another minor against the Habs. I'm thinking the refs are trying to make Toronto feel better.
  • Shootout time. As if that extra point makes a shred of difference, but hey, let's do it.
  • Holy Galchenyugoal.
  • Price save.

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) David Desharnais: The ultimate sniper.

2) Indeed, we shall.

1) Because I actually went back to check this multiple times throughout the night, you da real MVP. I mean, it's Price, but you get my drift.


David Desharnais ties it at one

Doesn't matter, had Pleks.

Jacob de la Goal