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Friday Habs Links: How does Carey Price do it?

Here are your daily links, including an analysis of Carey Price's goaltending technique, his way of seeing the game, Dale Weise and Sergei Gonchar on the Tonight Show, and more.

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Montreal Canadiens

  • Take a look at the tiny details that distinguishes Carey Price's goaltending from others. The minute changes Price makes to his gear is legit fascinating. And respect for his goalie coach, Stephane Waite, who previously won two Cups working with the Chicago Blackhawks. [NHL]

By the end of the 2012-13 season, Price had become unnecessarily aggressive with his positioning too often, leaving himself too much space to cover between passes or to recover from on rebounds. It was a developing tendency that could not be addressed by his silky movement.

The backward flow remains in Price's game, but it has been reined in during the two seasons with Waite.

  • Price was also named Molson Cup Player of the Year for the 2014-15 season. Seriously guys, when has anyone else won this award ever, except for Price? [Canadiens]

  • Peter Mansbridge talks about the playoffs, and previews a sit-down interview he held with Carey Price. Apparently he was born in a log cabin and learned to skate on a frozen pond. This is basically a superhero origin story. (Skip to about 5:10 in the podcast)  [Sportsnet]

"The bottom line was he [Price] wasn't looking at the puck. He was looking at (Rick) Nash's stick. And I've heard this before, but he was looking to see the angle which he had it. He thought he could tell - from knowing the angle - he would know what move Nash was about to do on him."

  • Twenty-five years after beginning coaching in the QMJHL, Therrien was inducted into its Hall of Fame on Wednesday. [Canadiens]

  • Sergei Gonchar - "Most Likely To Be Having An Affair With a Garden Gnome". Brutal, but oddly accurate (sorry, Gonch).

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • The underfunded Ice Hockey Association of India crowdsourced Rs3.5 lakh ($5,630 USD), in order to go to the Ice Hockey Federation Challenge Cup in Kuwait next week. Like the way the sport is growing. [Quartz]

  • The KHL team in Sochi has not paid its players in more than two months. They have until May to pay if they want to continue playing. [CBC]'

  • Goaltending in playoffs is tough to predict, even with advanced stats. Check out this breakdown of past SV% that take into account quality of shots. [The Star]

  • When teams tank, blame the management, not the players. [Defending Big D]