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Sunday Habs Links: No official confirmation on the Bulldogs move

Here are your daily links, including Hamilton's official statement regarding the potential move, Rene Bourque explaining why he didn't get along with Michel Therrien, the Boston Blades winning the Clarkson Cup this weekend, and more.

Bulldogs vs IceCaps December 14 2013
Bulldogs vs IceCaps December 14 2013
Hamilton Bulldogs Flickr Archive

Montreal Canadiens

  • The group operating the St. John’s IceCaps might move the team back to Winnipeg, and they claim they made an agreement with the Montreal Canadiens to move the Bulldogs to Newfoundland to take their place.  [CBC]
  • Hamilton Bulldogs's official statement regarding a potential relocation: "We are aware of the reports but at this point nothing is official." [Bulldogs]
  • Rene Bourque said he didn't get along with Michel Therrien. He has just been called up from Columbus's AHL affiliate for the Blue Jacket's game vs the Colorado Avalanche. [Sportsnet]

  • Lars Eller and P.A. Parenteau are both feeling frustrated for the time being. Eller has one goal two goals in his last 29 games, while Parenteau has sat out for the last three games. [La Presse] (French)
  • Brian Wilde's opinion piece about media coverage in hockey, especially concerning Phil Kessel and P.K. Subban is a must read. [CTV]

You know that thing called hockey that P.K. is doing better than any defenceman in the world. What an entertainer! What a force! He's a better defenceman than when he won the Norris, NHL executives say. He's more reliable with the puck. He makes smarter decisions. Where is the press on that? Where are the rave reviews? It's hard to find any.

Let's go back to Centre Earth, Toronto, P.K.'s hometown. The guy between the benches on game night keeps pointing out these nitpicking moments that don't amount to scratch. Subban logs 30 minutes on the NHL's best defensive team by goals allowed but somehow at ice level the catalyst in the win along with Carey Price once again, did not have a good game. Imagine that. He played half of it in a big win but he wasn't good.

  • Carey Price is so good that he's robbing Montreal of its shot at Connor McDavid. Now they have to be content with the playoffs instead.  [The Star]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • "It is estimated that Johan Franzen has had at least 10 concussions throughout his hockey-playing career." And the guy is still trying to get back to playing. [Winging it in Motown]

  • A Q&A with Ken Hitchcock, coach of the St.Louis Blues. Apparently he forbids his players from hanging their heads on the bench? I've never noticed that before. [The Star]

  • Remember Jordyn Leopold, the girl who wrote a letter to the Minnesota Wild before the trade deadline? Here's her response after her dad, Jordan Leopold returned to Minnesota. [Wild]

  • CWHL's Boston Blades won the Clarkson Cup yesterday. Janine Weber scored to make it 3-2 in OT. [Sportsnet]