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Canadiens vs Coyotes Top Six Minutes: Homeward bound

After the road swing from hell began with three consecutive losses in California, the Habs managed to grab one win in their final game of the trip.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

This road trip is just the absolute worst. The Habs aren't winning any games, they're not playing well, and they're not even playing teams in the same conference as them, so do these stupid games even count? I'm not sure, I don't think they should, and if I were in charge of these things the Habs would never have to go to California again. But I'm not in charge, so hopefully they can end the road trip from hell with a win.

The good news is that they're not in California anymore, they're in Arizona, and Carey Price has never lost to the Coyotes. If that's not enough reason for me to totally expect a victory, I'm really not sure what could be. No offense to Dustin Tokarski, but every time Price returns from taking a short break, It's like all of life's troubles somehow become less significant. I get to watch Carey Price play goalie...

First Period

  • Is it the atmosphere in Arizona, or does this game have all the excitement of a three day seminar on tax preparation?
  • Hopefully this isn't going out on a limb, but I'm looking for at least a ten shot first period. Baby steps.
  • They have more shots five minutes into this game than they did through like a period and a half in the Kings game. Don't look now,  but they may have left the suck in California.
  • Eight shots half way through... If they don't get to ten, definitely breaking stuff.
  • Brendan Gallagher is getting banged around out there, too bad the Habs didn't trade for David Clarkson so he could deal with that...
  • Carey Price probably taught Mike Smith how to stop that Max Pacioretty shot just in case the unthinkable happened in Sochi and he needed to be able to do it.
  • The only thing I would say Mike Smith does better than Carey Price is dives.
  • Mike Smith probably doesn't deserve all this abuse but this period is rather boring, so he's fair game to be made fun of.
  • Mike Smith's name is so common there's probably like 243512435424583 of him in the world, what a loser hahaha, wait...
  • I'd call it a boring period, but the Habs are all over the Coyotes, so things are looking up!

Second Period

  • The Coyotes broadcast guy just painted a picture of Canadian fans sitting at home watching HNIC. According to them, we're all just "sittin' at home on our chesterfields, eating our smarties." Ah, Smarties; the national dish of Canadian hockey fans.
  • Sometimes I like to have M&Ms instead, when I'm feeling rebellious.
  • Wouldn't it just be the rotten cherry on the turd sundae that is this road trip to dominate the Coyotes and still manage to lose again?
  • The Coyotes on the powerplay looks a lot like the Habs on the powerplay, in that they both really suck at powerplays.
  • Subban came up looking a little worse for wear after colliding with Dale Weise. I swear Dutch Gretzky, if you broke the Subban...
  • He won't be hard to find, he's a first line NHL winger...
  • Jeff Petry is good stuff, and I hope he gets Bergevin'd into a nice cheap contract in Montreal.
  • It's easy for me to say from my chesterfield with my smarties, but Michel Therrien should give Lars Eller some more powerplay time.
  • On the real, we all know that a 1-0 lead after two is a welcome sight on this road trip. Don't mess it up, Habs.

Third Period

  • Carey Price getting jammed at while doing the splits is a visual that I never want to see again, much less against the Coyotes in a game that doesn't matter at all.
  • That's one way to score on Carey Price I guess.. After he stops you just shove him into the net. Too bad the goal won't count, suckaaaas.
  • Mike Smith absolutely robs Jacob De La Rose with the glove, clearly he thinks he's Carey Price.
  • If this thing is coming down to Mike Smith vs Carey Price, you have to like the Habs odds to end the road trip on a happy note.
  • The Fox broadcast has used the S word so many times that it is quite clear their intent is to jinx Price in his endeavours. At this point, Mr. Neeson is less angry than he is exasperated, and a little sad about it...
  • How many times can the Canadiens ice the puck in the final ten minutes of a game? Well, let me tell you, it is a lot.
  • I started looking around the five minute mark for them to pull Smith, since everyone seems to be doing that stuff nowadays.
  • Ice the puck another 30 times and we're golden.
  • Please let Carey Price get a shot at that open net... Pleeeeease.
  • We'll have to settle for a Brendan Gallagher empty netter. Habs win, Carey Price gets the shutout, and well... Screw you guys, Goin' home.

EOTP Three stars of the night

3) The Yotes broadcast team... "And if Smith didn't stop it, that would have been a goal, as the shot was on goal"

2) Indeed.

1) He's the laziest, everybody knows that.


Eller breaks his goalless drought.