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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: "We'll get it going."

The Habs, back at home, were looking to clinch their playoff spot, and the Panthers were looking for a ticket to go to the dance at all.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

In the pregame interview, Max Pacioretty said, "We'll get it going," with regards to the powerplay. No time like the present, you guys.

Kypreos wants us all to get used to Carey Price being run hard and often. "Get used to it, ha ha ha ha," WHY? This seems to be the cheapest, Kreideriest strategy to beat a hockey team. Get used to it? I'm all for Nathan Beaulieu taking a major or even a game to absolutely annihilate the next person who runs Carey, whether it's accidental, imaginary, WHATEVER. Enough.

Last time out, the Habs played a hard, honest, 60-minute, full-team effort but failed to garner a point. Another thing I have no intention of getting used to, the failing to get a point thing, I mean. Carey's back in the net tonight against another proverbial hungry, desperate team. Habs can clinch their playoff spot tonight. Everybody settle in and let's have some fun.

First period:
  • Every time the Habs play the Panthers, I have the Barkov/Markov confusion to tend with.
  • You don't know this because you're reading after the game, but I haven't had a single thing to say for six minutes so far this period.
  • P.K. Subban looks loose tonight. Cool and loose.
  • I'm mostly just mentally correcting the announcers' grammar.
  • Shots are 6-3 for the Panthers. Got 'em where we want 'em!
  • Refs' whistles are pretty much firmly in their pockets tonight, seemingly having decided to just let us watch hockey.
  • Panthers might be outshooting but to me don't look like a team dying for that playoff spot.
  • The refs do NOT however understand how to call icings.
  • Carey Price just treated the Bell Centre to the ol' windmill save on Jagr there.
  • I have something to report! Pateryn just delivered a GIGANTIC hit on a very, very angry giant who plays on the other team.
  • Pateryn is offering Hayes a waaaaaambulance
  • Powerplay time! "We'll get it going."
  • Panthers are being unnecessarily tough with the Habs around Luongo. Oh a ha, Patch is not taking anybody's crap tonight!
  • Panthers are being extra undisciplined, eh? Jagr to the box, NOW let's get a powerplay goal!
  • So, the Panthers somehow know what I wrote before the game and are allowing NO ONE close to their goalie. Wow. That's some game tape I might show if I were Therrien.
  • The dogs just heard that Don Cherry is coming up so it's time for them to poop. It's called training.
Second period:
  • Weise is trying hard tonight, eh? Of course, he always does, but I smell a Weise point tonight.
  • Oh, my. The Panthers just scored a beauty. Tie game. Goal scored by the guy my nephew calls "Bizarro Markov."
  • ELLER nearly got another.
  • Florida gets their first powerplay. Pleks with a shorty on the breakaway?
  • Maybe not. Second goal for Bizarro Markov.
  • Good news though, Habs get a powerplay of their own now, so ...
  • GALCHENYUK with a powerplay goal! Monkey go bye bye!
  • As it happens, I'm watching the game with a couple of Canucks fans, who don't miss not having Willy Mitchell.
  • Why are the Panthers so agro? So much not playing nice tonight.
  • 2-2 going into the third. I'm a little bit bored. Are you bored? I'm kinda bored.
Third period:
  • I never find the "The Canadiens are 9-1-5 when tied going into the third period" stat helpful in any way whatsoever.
  • Pateryn with another big hit. Can we keep him, Marc Bergevin?
  • Emelin with a big play in front of Carey. Nice when Carey gets help.
  • Struggling in general to find anything to say about this game. Habs need to score again soon. The period's half over. There, I said a thing.
  • So all of a sudden my TV switched to watching The Leafs/Senators game in Punjabi. What the hell!!?
  • It just switched back, we're good, but I'm getting to the bottom of this later.
  • Carey with a save on Campbell.  Carey barely flinches. "Nice ... try? Whatever."
  • Literally just screamed at my TV. Had Pacioretty made that goal it would have been BEAUTIFUL.
  • Brandon Prust is one of my favourite Habs players.
  • 2:45 left to go and EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING
  • Oh my god that 3-on-1.
  • Nephew says of Gallagher face-down in the crease, "He's like hey, get out of my house!"
  • Speaking of taking out goalies. Oh my god. Oh god.
  • Price is OK. Exhale!
  • Heading into overtime.
  • Oh that was a very interesting way to start, almost gifting the Panthers with the winner.
  • After that, the first shift almost looks like a man disadvantage for Florida.
  • These announcers like to say "toe-drag." Drinking game next time, hmm kay
  • 2:08 left, Montreal powerplay coming right up.
  • Count 'em. TWO powerplay goals tonight, game-winner for Pacioretty!
  • "We'll get it going."
And with that, your Montreal Canadiens are officially in the playoffs. Have a great weekend, everybody!