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Canadiens vs Jets Top Six Minutes: Habs get blown away in Winnipeg

The Habs came into Winnipeg and got a cold reception from more than just the weather.

James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports


  • I have spent the day with kindergarten students and doing parent-teacher students. Let's see how many green lights I hit on my way home.
  • Jets need points. Habs work on their system.

First Period:

  • Make it home for the last 10 minutes of the first.
  • Just missed the Dustin Byfuglien goal, but I assume that it featured a rainbow pooping unicorn at the end of it.
  • Living in Winnipeg, all I hear about is how big and fast the Jets are, but the Habs look to be faster and not bothered by the size thing.
  • Jets fans hate the refs, but you cannot tell me that they have not gotten deserved calls so far.
  • The Habs power play actually looks like a power play. The Jets penalty kill looks like Pavelec driving a Lamborghini.
  • Pavelec getting lucky and stuff stopping all the shots. He doesn't freeze the puck on basic shots.
  • Listening to the intermission analysis on the Jets broadcast and Stempniak's hit on Mitchell was called "softening up the defence" if you wonder why hockey might have some issues.
  • If this is "big boy hockey" (aka Western Conference Hockey), Eastern Conference Hockey is more fun.

Second Period

  • Habs start with an icing, so everything is good again.
  • Boy-loo. I swear there are many French speakings in Manitoba.
  • Dale Weise is now Max Pacioretty according to the Jets broadcast. I guess they both hockey?
  • Pacioretty had a crappy skate and that is a shame because that would have been great.
  • Where is Ondrej Pavelec because this is not the Pavelec I know.
  • Winnipeg is really unpleasing aesthetically to look at.
  • Dennis Beyak only has love for Markov and Subban.
  • How does Jim Slater score? How?
  • Ah, he kicks the puck. And it counts because that is how they work.
  • Pavelec fell over from that Plekanec shot short handed. Also the Habs basically just got the puck shorthanded like it was no big deal.
  • I swear Pavelec is going through a "bobble around and make saves because I am damn lucky phase". I promise actually.
  • Andrew Ladd is a dirty player and the Jets are a dirty team and maybe they should learn that sometimes. Ladd should be gone from the game.
  • Jim Slater is a piece of shit. The Jets have been the shittier team so jumping a kid for going after Ladd for being a POS is completely reasonable.

Third Period

  • Max Pacioretty uses his force field to get Tyler Myers to fall over.
  • This period has had a few adventures in the Habs end defensively.
  • My mom does not understand why Subban is being booed. My mom is the best.
  • Pacioretty was slew-footed with no call because his name is Max Pacioretty and he draws no penalties for some reason,
  • David Desharnais just threw Blake Wheeler down and sometimes David beats Goliath.
  • Mark Stuart struggles with clean hockey.
  • Gallagher goals are fun.
  • Operation Keep the LA Kings out of the playoffs is in full effect.
  • "We want Carey" is a senseless chant because I'm pretty sure Montreal wins this game with Price.

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Second Period Star

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