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Canadiens vs Predators Top Six Minutes: A very hard-earned point

As losses go, this one was quite palatable.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For our new readers and members,Top Six Minutes is a lighthearted overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in the comments. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

1st period
  • Everyone keeps talking about a 'Vezina showdown' tonight. Is Carey Price playing for the Predators as well??
  • I actually kind of feel bad for Pekka Rinne. He has put up great numbers, and in most seasons that would be good enough for a trophy.
  • How many drinks do you think Caps management had the night they decided to trade Forsberg for Erat?
  • Rumour has it Shea Weber once felled three bison with a single slapshot. He refused to share with anyone during the feast that followed.
  • Predators fans are chanting 'MVP! MVP!' Good on them for supporting Price!
  • Alright, let's forget how terrible the defense was on that first goal, and just take a moment to admire the effort by Mattias Ekholm. Beautiful.
  • Back to the terrible defense...what the hell was that? I've seen more organized defending during a water balloon fight.
  • That period was sort of like ordering a poutine and finding out that it's a mediocre creation. You're not going to complain, but you definitely need to add a bit of salt to make it go down easier.
2nd period
  • Brendan Gallagher is the reason I cringe every time the Habs trade away one of Trevor Timmins' precious 5th round picks.
  • Mike Fisher just whiffed on a great scoring chance, but I'd like to think that Price would have made yet another highlight save if the puck made its way towards the net.
  • David Desharnais had time to paint Rinne's mailbox as he waited on the doorstep to score.
  • Parenteau's pass wasn't too shabby either, not bad for a healthy scratch 4th liner 3rd liner 1st liner player who's ice time has been in doubt lately.
  • If I were to compare that period to a poutine, and you know I'm going to, I'd say it was just about perfect. The fries were well done, the gravy was nice and thick, and the cheese curds were fresh.
3rd period
  • Right now the 4th line has a Corsi For% of 23...*combined. To be fair, they're getting Manny Malhotra defensive treatment. (*you should never combine statistics from linemates, unless the resulting totals are hilariously low)
  • Tonight's edition of the 1st line however, is doing great. Maurice Richard only knows how long it'll last, so enjoy the moment.
  • Rinne absolutely robbed Plekanec from a sure goal. It's never a good idea to steal from the Turtleneck Assassin. ™
  • Ryan Ellis' point shot had more direction changes than an Edmonton Oilers rebuild.
  • Someone once tried to tell me that Devante Smith-Pelly had "good speed". I guess that's true depending on the context. Compared to a giant tortoise Smith-Pelly has "good speed."
  • Rinne vs Price hasn't disappointed. This is like watching Pearl Harbor, but instead of absolutely nothing happening for three hours we get to watch a real fight between two aces.
  • A good effort all-around by the Habs, this is one of their better road games of the season.
  • The Habs went 0-100 in 74 games. Not bad at all.
  • I'd like to complain about the Subban penalty, because I'm really good at that, but it was deserved.
  • Nothing Price could do on the winning goal. That'll do Carey, that'll do.
  • Still though, 100 points.

EOTP 3 Stars

3.  That's just muscle memory at work. 


2. A classic Habs fan strategy 


1. In regards to Gilbert showing up more than once on the game thread lineup