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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: Carey Price is perfect, again

The Top Six Minutes is a brief but sarcastic take on the Habs' 4-0 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes.

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  • The Habs got the day off yesterday after looking completely gassed in the 3rd period Tuesday night in Sunrise, FLA.
  • Carolina Hurricanes defenseman and Montreal native Danny Biega will play his first career NHL game tonight. How many times have Montreal natives started their NHL career's in Montreal this year?
  • The Habs are 3-1-1 in their last 5 games, collecting a possible 7/10 points.
  • They did so while earning an average CF% of 41.7, about 7 notches below their season average of 48.5 CF%.
  • The Staal brothers grew up on a sod farm in Thunder Bay. Jordan Staal's 10-year, $60 million contract is worth about 40,000,000 square feet of sod, which I guess would cover about this much land.

1st Period:

  • Jason York: "The Habs got in late from their flight from Florida Saturday night, so they might still be tired for this game." Love Yorkie from his TSN Ottawa 1200 days. Good old Yorkie...
  • Jacob de la Rose going to the net ... like a vet. Man this kid is going to be good.
  • Starting strong at home... I like it.
  • 4th line magic! Manny Malholtra is the hottest Habs forward right now. Brandon Prust with some great work again getting the puck out of the cycle to the slot. Dale Weise gets his first goal in 19 games.
  • 2 goals for the Habs in the first period? Wha.. dimension.. am I in?... Nice one Gallagher! Congrats on your first career NHL 20-goal season, buddy.
  • The Habs actually dominated the 1st period - I think Habs' management called in a hypnotist to trick them all into believing it was the 3rd period and they were down a goal.
  • Carey Price after the first period:

Second Period:

  • Icings!
  • The Habs are clearly in control of this game. Oh! Two on one! ... agh. Nice try Weise. Next time pretend you're passing it to Pacioretty.
  • Carey Price is so good at playing the puck and so aware that he is like a soccer ("football") goalie out there.
  • Just checked the out-of-town scoreboard and the Sens are up 3-2 on the Bruins. I'm currently writing a short story about a professional athlete who rises to fame in the span of a month, steals the heart of a city and fast food company that rewards him free food for life. He ends up carrying the team to victory and is a hero... until... he hurts his knee (always the knee). The tragic end to his career is proceeded by a string of more bad luck until he loses everything - everything, except that lifetime of free hamburgers from the fast food chain, where he spends the rest of his days travelling around the country, eating burgers. It will be called "He Hamburglered My Heart".
  • Smith-Pelly came so close to getting his first goal as a Hab. DLR-DSP-LFE (Lars' middle name is Fosgaard) is an effective line, but concentrates a lot of size on one line that could possibly be distributed elsewhere.
  • Carey Price... what a beauty.
  • How long until Michel Therrien catches up with Scotty Bowman for Canadiens' Head Coach wins?
  • The Habs are giving up a lot of channnces... annnnd as I write this the Hurricanes almost score and remind me the Habs are that close to being only down by 1.
  • Thank you for erasing my fears David Desharnais. 3-0. Tom Gilbert with another Bobby Orr moment on the pass. I think the Habs last gave up a 3-0 lead to the Hurricanes when Therrien still had that jacket in his closet.

Third Period:

  • The Habs have this locked down. I expect a very disciplined third period. The report from the dressing room is that coach Michel Therrien only had one thing to say:

  • The effort tonight is definitely one appreciated by the coach. I just can't shake the fact that it's against the Hurricanes, who have been playing more like the "Tropical Storms" this season... (ehhh).
  • I'm still happy.
  • 3/4 lines have scored tonight. Are these lines working???
  • Jordan Staal looks at the sky after missing a chance to put one past Carey Price. Looking up, it's where Carey gets his skill from, so it's probably a good place to look.
  • A 4-0 performance. 4-1-1 in their last 6. I like it, but will like it even more with a win on Saturday against the Sharks.
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