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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: Dustin imitates Carey

A brief but sarcastic take on Montreal's visit to Sunrise

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  • The last time the Habs scored three goals in a game, not involving an empty net it was during their 4-3 shootout loss to the Kings, that was on March 5th.
  • So what I'm saying is it would be nice if they could do it twice in a two-week window.
  • Tomas Plekanec needs 3 goals to get to 200 career markers, I will be talking about this a lot until it happens because he's awesome and deserves it.
  • 2 of Montreal's three deadline day acquisitions are injured right now. Someone put some bubble wrap on Petry before it's too late.

1st Period:

  • As with all first periods, I will consider it a 'win' for Montreal if they come out of it tied. The key to happiness is low standards.
  • Right, Jagr's a Panther. That's just wrong. WRONG.
  • Aside from their 1st round picks, Florida is mostly a team of guys you think of as wearing a different jersey.
  • Desharnais down the middle between Galchenyuk and Gallagher isn't looking like much.
  • If the Habs could look threatening against a playoff bubble team, that would be nice.
  • Jason York for Sportsnet is correct that Bolland can slow the game down, but the way he does it, it isn't a positive.
  • Also, as for Bolland being a big part of the team.... he has 4 goals in 40 games. at 5M a year.
  • Great pass by Galchenyuk, but no dice.
  • PK, you just got manhandled by a senior citizen.
  • That was a very good bit of passing for 27-51-11, more please.
  • Brian Campbell is a defencemen who doesn't get enough credit really.
  • That was a nice three minutes of saying "please don't let anything bad happen", why must the team be this bad in their own zone?
  • Now we got to the least threatening road PP in the NHL. Ever.
  • Gallagher making friends right at the end there. Although he probably disagrees with them about the relationship he has with his mother.

Second Period:

  • Going by the Sportsnet commercials, if the music acts get any more dated for the Bell Centre, they'll soon feature the skeleton of Johnny Cash.
  • Habs return with 1:31 on the power play, although to get better offensive chances they might want to take some penalties.
  • Once again, the best scoring chance on a Habs PP was to the other team.
  • Another fine mess in their own end leads to a goal against. 1-0 Panthers.
  • Why is it no analyst will ever note it's a tough league to score in because they're calling 75% of the penalties they were 5 years ago?
  • Alexei Emelin scored a goal. This is not a drill. 1-1!
  • Manny, that's tripping. But hey, at least the Habs go to their special teams unit that can generate offence.
  • Told you! Prust to de la Rose and we have a lead for Montreal! 2-1!
  • I find myself liking DLR-Eller-DSP better than most 3rd lines we've had this season, but still find Smith-Pelly lacks the hands for even a limited offensive role.
  • And that's the lead disappearing... Great shot by Pirri but can the Habs outscore an opponent? We've only seen it twice this month.
  • "Like a modern-day Mark Messier" is either the biggest reach of analysis this year, or Pirri also randomly enters people's homes and tells them how to watch hockey.
  • PK Subban scores, because he's PK. 3-2 Montreal.
  • Good work by Eller on the goal, who's having some lovely regression to the mean since he went back to centre where he belongs.
  • Wow, great save by Tokarski.
  • Three goals in a period for the Habs, this calls for cake and ice cream!
  • Well I have neither, so I'll make some popcorn.
  • Third Period:

    • Insert joke about lower bowl attendance in the Panthers arena. That's about as much energy as it warrants.
    • The only technical proof the Habs have a defensive coach is that JJ Daigneault's name is on the payroll.
    • Shots are 5-0 for Florida with barely over 3 minutes played, that's not good.
    • Galchenyuk has had some really good chances tonight, but no luck.
    • Petry caught holding the stick, smart move to once again take MTL to their shorthanded unit to jump start their offence.
    • Shots are 15-2 for the Panthers right now in the 3rd period. In case you needed an excuse to get another beer, whiskey or 200-proof moonshine.
    • Parenteau gets sat so Weise can help protect the lead on the top line. If you discount that he's lousy defensively and less talented than Parenteau, it makes complete sense.
    • Insert one more sarcastic remark about how this penalty kill is likely to improve MTL's chances to generate some offence.
    • Behind the net camera can go away forever and no one would miss it.
    • Eller-DLR seems like a PK pair the Habs could use for many years to come.
    • Shots are 20-4 in the 3rd period. A round of applause for Mr. Tokarski everyone.
    • Well that is a penalty by Galchenyuk, that's what the refs would call a love tap if it was being done to Gallagher.
    • Winning your 3rd game of the month shouldn't have to be this hard. But they win.
    EOTP 3 Stars are on their way...
    1. Let it never be said I am too highbrow to not enjoy toilet humour

    toilet humour

    2. Top-secret illustrations of MT's defensive structure were acquired tonight.

    defensive system

    3. This game had nothing to do with the Senators, but they're still a horrible wart of a franchise so this gets a  nod.

    not a sens game