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Canadiens vs Lightning Top Six Minutes: Habs Bring the Hate

Down 3-0, the Habs amped up their physical game and crowded Bishop's blue paint. But it was too little, too late.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We meet again. Win or lose, the Habs will retain first place in the Atlantic Division tonight, thanks to a game in hand. But what we have here is a classic 4-pointer with double digits dwindling to play in the regular season.Will Tampa continue their regular season dominance of the Canadiens? Or will Montreal regain their 2014 playoff form? Let's find out...

1st Period

  • Emelin makes his return to the lineup with Beaulieu out with the flu.
  • Great pace to start. Montreal's tired of losing to Tampa.
  • Flynn just ate Morrow's stick.
  • Headed off to the dressing room a little too quickly. Hate seeing that.
  • Camera panned away from the scene. Four minute PP worth of blood.
  • Good thing Bergevin traded for all that fourth line depth.
  • Malholtra might be back in the lineup sooner than we thought.
  • Bishopc vc vc vc vc vc vc v (That was my cat).
  • Bishop absolutely robbed Alex Galchenyuk. Nothin' but glove.
  • Habs couldn't convert a single goal on the 4 minute PowerKill™.
  • Okay Tampa scored but, did that fan have a DOG in the arena?
  • You can bring your dog to the game in Tampa? Awesome.
  • So that Tampa goal. Markov tried to block it but it slipped through.
  • Price didn't have a chance. Redirected, five hole.
  • Emelin trips over the blueline. (Again?)
  • Birthday beats for Prust. Drops 'em with Angelidis. (Who?)
  • Galchenyuk tenacious in the crease.
  • That nearly as disturbing as last night's episode of The Walking Dead.
  • Pacioretty thought Stamkos was one of his own defensemen. IF ONLY.
  • 2-0 Tampa. I can't even.
  • Fearless Prediction: Montreal wins this game.
  • Pretty sure Max Pacioretty just told Price he owes him one.

2nd Period

  • Wish I was the fly on the wall in the Habs dressing room.
  • Eller shoots hard and then lays the body along the boards.
  • He's just getting warmed up for the playoffs.
  • Flynn isn't coming back tonight. Not surprised.
  • End to end action. Habs playing with fire here.
  • What happened to avoiding the run and gun with Tampa?
  • Ugh. Haven't seen Price pulled in awhile. Is it time?
  • 3-0. Victor F. Hedman.
  • Therrien responds with an angry third line.
  • Eller & DSP are thugs in deep.
  • This game is one misstep from chaos.
  • There it is! Prust just body checked Ben Bishop behind the net.
  • Remember this?
  • Brendan Gallagher fighting!? Hanging out with Prust too much.
  • Gotta give Gally the win there. #homer
  • Oh hey. We scored. On a powerplay. No sarcasm.
  • JDLFR gets two for hooking Steven Stamkos. Bad timing.
  • Habs putting all three forwards in front of Bishop.
  • It only took 70 games.
  • Go Habs Go chants drowning out the boos in Tampa Bay.
  • Fearless Prediction: Pacioretty scores in the third.

3rd Period

  • P-A Parenteau! 3-2. Here. We. Go!
  • Plekanec working his magic again for the assist.
  • Petry just forearm shivered Killorn like a boss.
  • Prust fighting Angelidis again. Prust didn't want anything to do with it.
  • Somehow Prust gets an instigator? For getting jumped?
  • Pacioretty on a breakaway... Nada.
  • Just when you thought Subban was going to make Morrow look silly.
  • Gotta give it to the vet. Kept possession and waited for PK to outplay himself.
  • Habs PP coming up with seven minutes to play. Deep breaths.
  • Subban may have broken Matt Carle's skate blade with that shot.
  • Did Therrien just ressurect the... EGG line? Desperate times...
  • Eller. Eller. Eller. Bad penalty my friend.
  • A direct result of Gilbert's broken stick, no less.
  • Habs are going to have to pull Carey Price early here.
  • Stamkos gets the empty net.
  • This is a tough loss. The Habs pressed hard. They dug deep.
  • Too little, too late.
  • We'll meet again, again.

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3. Rhyming is fun!

2. This game...

1. On the bright side...