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Torrey Mitchell Injury: Canadiens forward hurt on faceoff

The Habs fourth line center has gone to the room with an upper body injury.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of a weird injury, Torrey Mitchell had to head to the Canadiens' dressing room to be checked out, after apparently injuring his arm on a faceoff. Mitchell was out killing a Dale Weise penalty when he faced off with John Tavares and this happened:

Tavares' stick comes up a little on the play, but he doesn't appear to get much of Mitchell at all. But, as their sticks tangle up and come high, clearly something goes wrong with Mitchell's arm as he went down immediately and proceeded to the bench as quickly as he could. Possible that Tavares' stick got under his glove a little, but nothing much to speak of infraction wise on this play.

What was made quickly apparent was that Michel Therrien will now be working with a shortened bench, as Mitchell didn't look great and the team would quickly confirm that he is done for the night.