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Canadiens vs Lightning Top Six Minutes: Lightning Strike First, in Overtime

Carey Price held the Montreal Canadiens in as the Tampa Bay Lightning out-shot the Habs 33-19 through three periods. Tyler Johnson ended the scoreless tie in overtime for the win.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, it was a balmy seven degrees in Montreal today and it's beginning to feel a lot like playoffs. The Canadiens rekindle their rivalry tonight with the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first of three meetings before the final regular season buzzer.

The Lightning haven't swept last year's first round playoff loss to the Habs under the rug. They're used it as motivation to dominate Montreal through two games this year, including an embarrassing 7-1 four games into the season. The battle continues tonight, with first place in the Atlantic Division, the Eastern Conference, and potentially even the NHL on the line.

1st Period

  • Montreal native Torrey Mitchel makes his home debut with the Habs.
  • Flynn and Petry also don the blessed CH on sacred home ice for the first time.
  • Habs win the opening face off, so they'll win the game. Right?
  • Petry lasered a 200 foot pass that found De La Rose's blade. Wow.
  • Gallagher sprung a tired Plekanec for a breakaway. No gas to finish.
  • Great match ups for Desharnais tonight: Boyle (6'7) and Sustr (6'8).
  • Speaking of Davey, two minutes for slashing.
  • Montreal's been consistently more dangerous on the PK this year than the PP.
  • Which is (good?) news because the Habs just took another penalty.
  • Might have something to do with Pacioretty & Plekanec's chemistry. Just maybe...
  • Gotta love this: Brian Boyle goes in for a heavy hit on Smith-Pelly, but DSP bounces him off then laughs in his face!
  • Stamkos to the box so... PowerKill?
  • Yup!
  • Scoreless first period. Next!

2nd Period

  • De La Rose goes for the slash but winds up with a trip.
  • Habs PK is good, but they're not doing themselves any favors with this many minors.
  • That sound Price's pads make each save is equivalent to the noise black holes make. I'm certain.
  • Galchenyuk - Plekanec - Gallagher causing chaos for Bishop.
  • It's only a matter of time before Weise scores a big goal, eh?
  • Folks, we have a goaltending battle on our hands.
  • Stamkos came inches from blindsiding Gallagher.
  • Gallagher isn't happy, to say the least. It's probably best I don't transcribe what my modest lipreading is decoding.
  • Boxer Sergey Kovalev spotted in the stands sporting a #27 jersey.
  • Wonder what name's on the back...
  • Price less than impressed with Tampa's crease crashing.
  • Pacioretty nets 2 minutes for breaking his own stick after striking Lightning wood.
  • With #67 in the box, Montreal spent most of their PK hemmed in their own zone. Go figure.
  • Pacioretty creates a 2-on-1 shortly after exiting the box. Go figure #2.
  • Aucun But. Again.

3rd Period

  • Game on! Any goal wins!
  • Bishop doesn't see the puck so well when it winds up at his feet in the crease.
  • Take note for the playoffs, it's happened several times tonight.
  • Habs strength this season (besides goaltending): cutting down pucks with active sticks in the neutral zone.
  • Holy Price. That was the save of the game and Montreal needs to reply with a goal. Pronto.
  • Therrien back to the blender to juice his offense.
  • Galchenyuk with DD and Patches.
  • When the Habs said they now identify themselves as a team that's going to win 1-0 and 2-1, they weren't kidding.
  • Shots 10-2 in favor of Tampa with under 3 minutes to play.
  • Tampa ices the puck with 46 seconds left. Let's see...
  • Nada.


  • Goose eggs on the line.
  • Price redirects the puck toward the corner but it hits the ref and almost goes in the net.
  • Oh no. No no no no.
  • Tampa wins 1-0 in overtime.
  • We'll meet again.

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