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Canadiens vs Devils Top Six Minutes: Crushing Kinkaid

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The Habs offence came alive at the Bell Centre, as they pulled off a dominant performance against the Devils.

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For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in the comments. We try to keep it light and entertaining, even when the Habs make it hard. Full recaps/analysis/walks of shame go up the morning after every game.

  • "McDavid is good but is he good enough to turn around the Sabres, Oilers, Canes, Leafs, Coyotes etc.?" Yes, this was the lead up to a Habs-Devils game.
  • The Max Pacioretty-David Desharnais-Dale Weise top line makes a tragic triumphant return.
  • Cue obligatory Martin Brodeur mention.

1st Period

  • Hopefully, Jacob De La Rose will pot his first NHL goal today.
  • Montreal is down a goal early, as in 93 seconds into the game early.
  • And of course the goal scorer had to be Mike Cammalleri. Who's next, Gomez?
  • PK Subban with a nice spin move drop pass thing to DD that unfortunately doesn't even result in a shot on net.
  • Christian Thomas has wheels. The guy is flying all over the ice.
  • Scott Gomez is mentioned. So is the Ryan Mcdonagh trade. It's the trade Habs' fans will never live down.
  • Jordin Tootoo is a Devil? When did this happen?
  • Montreal is out-shooting New Jersey (14-3) and still losing. The possession gods are shunning the Habs.
  • This game is boring, the Devils are boring, hell even the first goal was boring.
  • At least I get to be mad at Don Cherry today.

2nd Period

  • New Jersey doesn't put a lot of shots on net but they win because they are "efficient with their shots". Someone actually got paid to say this.
  • I don't know how Sekac ended up on the 4th line but he's on the 4th line. Meanwhile, Weise is still on the first line.
  • Gonchar is old, Jagr is older. Thanks for enlightening me, Sportsnet. As I type this, Jagr took a point blank shot on net.
  • Doesn't matter, we have a Carey Price.
  • Galchenyuk to Gallagher…and why didn't that go in?! Damn you, Kinkaid.
  • PK Subban took a stick to the face, so the Canadiens get a powerplay. But it's a Canadiens powerplay, so it doesn't really inspire any confidence.
  • Oh there's blood, so do we get a 4 minute powerkill?
  • Markov says nay to that, as the Habs tie the game on a powerplay marker!
  • Oh my goodness, we have another goal! Lars Eller from PK Subban!! We have two powerplay goals!!! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!
  • Gallagher with another glorious opportunity off of a turnover…and still no goal. Kinkaid's wearing Gallagher repellent. Damn you, Kinkaid.
  • Not one, not two but three powerplay goals! The latest one courtesy of the turtleneck assassin! What is this brave new world?
  • Habs outshooting the Devils (30-10) and they have a lead. This feels so strange.
  • All praise the possession gods! They haven't forsaken us after all.

3rd Period

  • PK Subban was born to play in the Bell Centre.
  • Some nobody just scored for the Devils (okay, his name was Jacob Josefson…damn the Devils and their propensity to have players who's first and last names start with the same letter).
  • Nope, scratch that. Damn Emelin for taking an ill-advised penalty. Luckily, the Habs kill it off.
  • Brendan Gallagher was denied for the third time this evening. He can't seem to catch a break from Kinkaid.
  • Carey Price with an amazing save! But this is Carey Price, so would that be considered an ordinary save?
  • The Czech in the turtleneck gets another one! That was a great sequence of events, with Subban, Markov and Gallagher all being at the right place at the right time.
  • And Dale Weise just scored! Montreal with all the goals today, cue the ole ole ole!
  • Montreal had 6 goals in their last 4 games, they have 6 goals in this game alone.
  • Pacioretty was this close to making it 7 but rang it off the post.
  • Habs are out shooting the Devils, 44-22! Yes, the Michel Therrien coached Montreal Canadiens are out shooting instead of being the outshot.
  • This game in one gif:

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3. Buy my lottery ticket please


2. Good luck with all that. 


1. Looks like Mike got the last laugh tonight, again.