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Friday Habs Links: Marc Bergevin could be working with Hockey Canada

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Here are your daily links, including Marc Bergevin's history at trade deadline, Mike Condon's new contract in Hamilton, Carey Price's Hart-worthy record this season, and more.

Harry How/Getty Images

Montreal Canadiens

  • Hockey Canada is about to hold a meeting in preparation for Team Canada 2016 and the 2015 World Championships. They hope to have a team in place shortly, and Marc Bergevin was one of the names floated as a potential member of the management team. [Nicholson Hockey]
  • Jacob de la Rose was just recalled from Hamilton last night. [EOTP]
  • Marc Bergevin will probably be a careful buyer come this trade deadline, if he wants cap flexibility while signing Galchenyuk. [ESPN]

  • Even Michel Therrien laughed when someone asked him if the Habs had an offensive problem after the Buffalo 3-2 loss. Counting blocked and wideshots, the Habs registered 92 shots towards the Buffalo net. [NHL]
  • Bergevin just signed goaltender Mike Condon to a two-year contract. This season, Condon has played 26 games for the Hamilton Bulldogs. [Canadiens]
  • Carey Price is ranked the no.1 fantasy goalie this week, and the Hart trophy buzz is gaining some serious momentum. [NHL]

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • A Toronto girls hockey league has a zero-tolerance policy regulating player-coach email communication, social media interactions, and even physical contact. No touching, ever. [National Post]

  • Interested in buying Las Vegas season tickets? Sportsnet has the details. If you want a one off, the average ticket is going to be around 65$, which is pretty midrange. [Sportsnet]
  • Anyways, the Vegas ticket drive if off to a great start. Oh wow, this is really happening. Vegas hockey is really happening. [Yahoo Sports]
  • In praise of the negative-value player, i.e. Mike Richards, i.e. the player who carries a bad contract as well just being plai bad. [Grantland]

This has all created a weird new category of trades: the negative-for-negative deal. Would you rather have a guy with a bad deal for two more years, or a really bad deal for one more? Some GMs have figured this stuff out faster than others — Montreal’s Marc Bergevin has specialized in it, clearing long-term cap space with smart negative-for-negative deals in recent years.

Kane wore a track suit when the Jets players gathered that morning for a meeting — a violation of team policy. Following a brief workout and stretch, Byfuglien is believed to have thrown those clothes into the shower to send a message to his teammate, according to sources.