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Canadiens trading Michael McCarron for Zbynek Michalek? Thanks, but no thanks

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We know Marc Bergevin is shopping for defenders. Could Michalek be in his sights?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Jim Matheson is reporting that the Canadiens have been actively trying to upgrade their defensive strength, and they may have even dangled Michael McCarron in the process.

Here's what Matheson had to say in the Edmonton Journal:

The Canadiens covet Petry to play with Alexei Emelin on a second defence pair in the wide-open East, where there is no clear-cut Cup contender threat. They may not want to deal their two young defencemen, Nathan Beaulieu or Jared Tinordi, in any deal for Petry. They reportedly have offered their 2013 first-round pick, winger Michael McCarron (25th overall) to the Coyotes for the shutdown D Michalek.

One major detail seems off. Nathan Beaulieu probably wouldn't lose his second pairing spot, considering he's been Montreal's second best defenseman for the last few weeks.

That being said, the rumoured proposal does seem to fall in line with Bergevin's speculated desire to bolster his defensive core. Unfortunately, that's just about the only part that makes sense.

McCarron is having a breakout season in the OHL, having produced 61 points in 46 games. Due to his size, he's likely to garner a lot of interest throughout the league if he dangled as trade bait. Michalek is an interesting proposition, but I'm not quite sure the aging defender would be a worthy addition, especially if the price tag is set at a top prospect. It's also worth noting that Michalek has been dealing with concussion issues this season.

As per usual with anything regarding Marc Bergevin's trade target, it's best to take this report with a gigantic grain of salt. This report seems more like an educated guess, rather than something solid.

Bergevin's camp doesn't leak, which means if this report has any validity to it, the source is probably coming from Arizona.