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Canadiens vs Blues Top Six Minutes: All About the Gallys

A brief and sarcastic take on the Habs visiting St Louis

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports


  • Habs are 17-9-1 on the road, having scored 56 goals and allowing 60. Carey Price ladies and gentlemen, Carey Effin' Price.
  • Galchenyuk being back from the flu was probably the trigger for the Sekac trade when you think about it, having more than 1 creative guy at forward was really making Therrien upset. That's not showing respeck for your opponent.
  • Marc Bergevin clearly wants to improve our ability to talk about players on Twitter as he's now put 3 players on the team in Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau (PAP), Jacob de la Rose(DLR) and Devante Smith-Pelly (DSP) who can be abbreviated to 3 letters.
  • There's a trepidation to facing the St Louis Blues when they have a guy like Vladimir Tarasenko lighting things up. Funny how drafting a Russian worked out for them.
First Period:
  • Doesn't matter how many times I see it, seeing Weise and Prust play on the 3rd line with DLR looks ridiculous. A rookie and two non-scorers are supposed to do anything but kill time?
  • Tarasenko and Subban keep jawing at each other,  Subban obviously in disagreement with him that Birdman deserved Best Picture.
  • Blues with a mini-clinic on why trying to clear along the boards every time is a bad idea.
  • That would've been nice but Gallagher couldn't quite get his stick on it.
  • That isn't a penalty if Backes did it I bet.
  • Price with the "ah hell I'll do it myself" on the PK clear.
  • HABS SCORE! 1-0 and it appears to be Galchenyuk with the tip on a Subban shot.
  • Scoring in your first game back is always icing on the cake, so the Habs celebrate that by icing the puck.
  • Serious question, does any other NHL team have a better pair of defenders with pure skating ability than PK and Beaulieu?
  • Steve Ott behind glass in his natural habitat, but this viewing is not recommended for those easily offended. Or if you are difficult to offend.
  • As an aside, the coaching staff needs to sit Tinordi down and tell him to stop fighting or even trying to fight. He has no feel for it behind trying to exchange punches and hope he wins.
Second Period:
  • Sportsnet intermission pushing the Desharias-Pascioretty magic chemistry narrative. Nevermind Pacioretty has scored at better rates with other centres, or that it tends to make DD a worse player by never shooting.
  • Intermission interviews where it's a player on a headset talking to the PBP guy resemble someone trying to film you when you are trying to take a phone call.
  • GALCHENYUK!!! 2-0 HABS! But that looks to be a bit stinky for Allen.
  • Subban penalized again for... being Subban.
  • Malhotra would have gone forehand-backhand top shelf if he'd had the breakaway just because.
  • Being scored on when the penalty is horseshit... that is always the worst. 2-1 Habs as Backes gets one.
  • I know he is a great player but I never got the "wow" factor around Pietrangelo. Certainly not versus PK.
  • Price is handling point-blank tips on net. He's still your mom's favourite goalie as well.
  • Malhotra's shot is like a kid's bow and arrow set with the rubber plungers on the end of the arrows.
  • Reaves bravely pushing around Bournival. St Louis loves their asshole 4th liners.
  • Refs don't quite understand the rule book with the calls making it 4 aside, so pretty much another night in the NHL.
  • BRENDAN GALLAGHER!!! 3-1 Montreal!
  • MICHAEL BOURNIVAL!!! Way overdue! 4-1!
  • The success of Gilbert-Beaulieu has everything to do with their FLOW Ratings.
  • Ugh, 4-2 Montreal.
  • Clean it up in front of Carey guys, that was almost 4-3 at the end for no bloody good reason.
Third Period:

  • From Andrew Berkshire: The Habs Top-6 Forwards have controlled 54.1% of the shot attempts through 40 minutes, while the Bottom-6 have controlled 28.8%. I'd like to say I am surprised but... ugh.
  • I guess it goes without saying that Price is covering up catastrophic tactical flaws. Well I said it so I guess it doesn't.
  • Good sequence from Pacioretty line and Beaulieu-Gilbert but no reward, ah well.
  • A defensive shell versus a Top-5 scoring club  doesn't seem like a good idea, but that's just me.
  • That kinda night for Max, but he's going to score a hat trick on Thursday to balance it out.
  • 3rd line offensive chance! Everyone take 3 drinks.
  • I may strangle the Sportsnet crew for jinxing this by mentioning Price can tie the record for consecutive road wins by a Canadiens goaltender.
  • That may be best pass Prust has made all year, regardless of no goal by Galchenyuk.
  • Thomas and Bournival need to play with a real centre. Malhotra's a black hole.
  • I am never, EVER going to buy a Hyundai just because of that commercial.
  • Beaulieu leads the Habs in ice time with 23:55 so far. He's come a long way from a 3-game set of sub-10 minute games back in November.
  • Gallagher puts this out of reach for St Louis, 5-2 with a power play goal after the refs make a questionable call in MTL's favour, which is apparently a thing that happens now.
  • Habs Win! And Carey Price breaking a 46-year old record is all kinds of awesome with 9 straight wins on the road, sorry Mr. Vachon.
  • The win also feels good as the notorious ass David Backes did not win, nor did Olympic Participant and NBC Saviour of Humanity TJ Oshie.
The Three Stars:

1. Blogger trades are always funny, always

Blogger trade

2. This drinking game should not be legal in the interest of public safety.

illegal drinking game

3. I think we can all agree courtnall takes the blame for jinxing this whole thing with Sekac.