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Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: Luongo outduels Price in the shootout

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Brendan Gallagher's two goals helped secure a point, but Luongo bested Price in a six round shootout.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports
  • Your Montreal Canadiens have been healthy this year.
  • How quickly things change.
  • Gonchar, Emelin and Galchenyuk (flu) join Parenteau on the sidelines.
  • The lone long straw in all of this? Jarred Tinordi is back.

1st Period

  • Roberto Luongo's flow.
  • Already on one leg, Subban receives a slew foot. No call.
  • Uncle Markov diffuses the ensuing 2-on-1 with some nifty stick work.
  • Subban on one foot is still better than 90% of the league.
  • Prust, De La Rose and Weise sustaining decent pressure in the offensive zone.
  • That'll be a great 4th line if and when the forwards are healthy again.
  • Wouldn't Shawn Thornton just LOVE it if Florida made the playoffs over Boston.
  • This game has zero-zero tie written all over it.
  • Tinordi building a highlight reel with a big shot block and hit in open ice.

2nd Period

  • Gallagher scores the Gallagherest goal.
  • 1-0 Habs. That's the only goal support Price needs, right?
  • Florida called for putting it over the glass.
  • Why are the Habs so bad at gaining the zone on the powerplay?
  • Who needs six defensemen? We've got Carey Price to dangle in the corners.
  • Gallagher! Again! The second most Gallagherest goal of the game.
  • And boy oh boy, Subban leading up to that goal? Looked like $9M to me.
  • 2-0.. scratch that.
  • Ugly redirect finds its way behind Price.
  • 2-1.
  • Eller on a partial break, stops, dishes a sweet drop pass to Plekanec.
  • Nothing comes of it.
  • Luongo just got a chest full of Gally.

3rd Period

  • Gallagher on pace for his first career 20 goal season.
  • Pacioretty's assist on Gally's first goal gives him 50 points this season. And counting.
  • Tinordi catches Fleischmann along the boards with an awkward hit.
  • Alex Petrovic immediately drops the gloves.
  • Decent bout but Petrovic gets the final two punches in. The last one of which came while Tinordi was already down.
  • He may have to answer for the one later. We'll see.
  • In other news, nice to have another guy who can fight to take the pressure off of Prust.
  • How did Montreal end up with the extra 2 minutes on that?
  • Yuck. Kampfer scores his first goal in nearly 3 years.
  • 2-2. Cue the hat-trick?
  • If I had to describe Sekac in one word: Sneaky.
  • Subban has looked a lot better as this game goes on. Amazing what adrenaline will do.
  • Overtime looming, Panthers pressing.
  • Habs secure at least a point and help the Panthers close in on the Bruins.


  • Gallagher is all over the ice tonight.
  • Sekac's backchecking tonight has been Selke worthy.
  • Florida ices it late in the overtime.
  • Habs lose the faceoff.
  • Shots are 39-21 for Montreal. Luongo came to play.
  • And we're headed to a shootout!


  • Desharnais... POST!
  • Huberdeau... SAVE BY PRICE!
  • Pacioretty... SCORES!!! Such speed. Very snipe. Wow.
  • Boyes... SAVE!
  • Gallagher... NOPE.
  • Bjugstad... GOAL. Oh no...
  • PK Subban... GLOVE SAVE by Lu.
  • Jokinen... SAVE!
  • Plekanec... STOPPED. Is it over yet?
  • Barkov... NADA!
  • Markov?... Sigh...
  • Bolland... Oh please... No. No. Stop. Whyyy.
  • Panthers win.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Conspiracy theory?

2. Two of three players out of their natural position though?

1. We have demotion anxiety.