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Canadiens vs Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: No love lost

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The Habs prevail after a hard fought battle against their not-so bitter rivals.

Francois Lacasse

For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in the comments. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

First period
  • "What a save by Price. Price looks so calm out there. Big save by Price. Great save by Price. Another big save by Price." (just getting those out of the way early, because you know they're coming)
  • The Habs score the least goals in the NHL during the 1st period. The Leafs allow the most. Something's gotta give
  • Good on Clarkson for chasing down an exhausted Brandon Prust. He's gotta earn those big bucks somehow!
  • Factoid: Jacob de la Rose is Swedish for "I need that puck. I want the puck. Give me the puck."
  • I'm not sure what Dale Weise & Alexei Emelin were doing during that first goal, but it certainly wasn't defending.
  • That was a sexy powerplay. Pass, pass, shot, scramble, goal. They don't have to be fancy to count.
  • Watching Weaver & Emelin try to move the puck is like running backwards naked through a cornfield; painful.
  • $5.75M is a lot of money for a wannabe goon, no? Either way, good on Nathan Beaulieu for engaging with the caveman known as Clarkson, but it looked like he hurt himself at some point during the fight.
  • If you're keeping count, the Habs might have just lost their second pairing in one shift. Can de la Rose play defense by any chance?
  • Wait. Giving Clarkson a game misconduct is definitely going to help to the Leafs. No fair!
  • I'm not sure who will lobby harder for a suspension in this case, Leafs fans or Habs fans.
Second period
  • Four minutes into the 2nd and Subban hasn't left the ice.
  • The Habs announce Gonchar won't be back. Turns out this might not have been the best game to bench Gilbert.
  • That de la Rose character is going to score soon, or my name isn't Marcus Von Thaddeus Dumont III. I wonder how you would say that in Swedish. Let's go to Jacob's brother for the answer!
  • Subban just took a clear elbow to the face, but the play-by-play team judged that it wasn't hard enough to react to. Personally, I won't believe that until we do tests on Glen Healy and co. to see how hard an elbow has to be before it warrants a reaction. For science.
  • Richard Pannik just pulled off a flawless gymnastic tumble on the ice. 10/10
  • I can't wait to see the shift chart after the game. I assume Subban and Markov's will look like one solid line.
  • All things considered, the Habs played a hell of a period given that they only had 4 defencemen.
Third period
  • Christian Thomas definitely graduated from the University of CF% (summa cum laude)
  • Nathan Beaulieu doesn't need no stinking stick to deny Phil Kessel.
  • Weise is off the first line. Well, well, well.
  • CBC - "The Leafs are having to deal with being one forward down" *dismissive wanking motion*
  • I should have added "Price gets railroaded by an opposing forward" to the first note. At least Montreal got a powerplay powerkill out of it.
  • At worst Rielly got a close shave, but considering how many opportunities Montreal had tonight, we shouldn't complain too much about the late call on Galchenyuk. I mean, we will, but we shouldn't.
  • The Habs just secured a point against a bottom dwelling team. Things are looking up!

  • For a lazy, heartless, coach-killing loafer, Phil Kessel sure does hockey right. It's almost as if people judge him for what he looks like rather than his skills on the ice. Right Mr.Healy?
  • I want my valentine to be that pass Subban just delivered to Desharnais
  • Eller saved the day on the backcheck. I'm not sure Markov should be pinching during 4 vs 4
  • It might take the maintenance crew a while to get Bernier's jockstrap out of the rafters. Galchenyuk just made him look silly.
  • Jonathan Bernier wishes he could poke check as well as Price does.
  • Price allowed a goal in the shootout for the first time this year. Trade the bum!
  • I wonder how Leafs fans are doing right now. Let's check in.

EOTP 3 Stars

3. It's a legitimate question!


2. This is the correct answer to "can he play defense?"

player defense

1. Glen Healy, the only man that can ruin Price playing like a god.


Highlights of the night.

I guess this was an ok highlight too: