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Canadiens vs Oilers Top Six Minutes: Edmonton pulls of a 4-3 comeback win in OT

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The Montreal Canadiens couldn't hold on, dropping Alex Galchenyuk's birthday game 4-3 in overtime.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Oilers are in on the McDavid sweepstakes so this will be an easy win tonight.
  • Yeah right.

1st Period

  • Watching Jeff Petry closely tonight, a potential trade target.
  • Marc Bergevin can never have too many defensemen.
  • Hard not to like the Bournival - De La Rose - Thomas line.
  • If only they can grace the scoresheet.
  • PK doesn't agree with the call but I do. Have to hit the puck or it's a trip.
  • De La Rose on the penalty kill. Impressive confidence from Therrien.
  • Thomas gets a shift with Pacioretty and Desharnais as play resumes 5-on-5.
  • It took seven minutes, but the Habs are applying some pressure.
  • Comments in the game thread all over Emelin/Eller trade rumors.
  • Eller's value is at a low right now. Hold onto him and let him dominate the playoffs.
  • Emelin on the other hand... #FreeTinordi.
  • Subban just got Klinkhammered.
  • Hard to believe Beaulieu is still seeking his first NHL goal.
  • Speaking of first NHL goals... CHRISTIAN THOMAS! [GIF]
  • 1-0 Habs. You can follow the rookie on Twitter: @cpt97
  • Jacob De La Rose's assist on the goal is his first point of his career, too.

2nd Period

  • 2-0 Habs. P.K. Subban gift-wrapped that pass.
  • Petry really wants to play for the Habs.
  • 2-1. Hendricks tips in Petry's shot.
  • Habs PP! Plekanec pings one off the post, but no goals.
  • That was ugly. Nugent-Hopkins ugly.
  • 2-2. Just when I was going toss Tokarski a compliment.
  • Habs were up 2-0 against Phoenix a little while back with Dustin in net too.
  • This just in: De La Rose is really good.
  • #JDLFR nearly scores after kicking the puck to his stick and splitting the D.
  • Powerplay Habs thanks to that second effort.
  • Period ends 2-2 with Edmonton pressing. Habs need to step it up in the third.

3rd Period

  • Montreal has Edmonton right where they want them, right?
  • Reviewing a puck that hit the outside of the net...
  • Tokarski has been swimming in his crease tonight.
  • That was a waste of time. No goal for the Oilers.
  • Emelin DOES NOT want to get traded to Edmonton. Cracks Yakupov in open ice.
  • No contact to Yakupov's head, Emelin got him on the knee. [GIF]
  • It's a bad sign when Pacioretty is trying to pass it to Desharnais.
  • SHOOT, buddy. SHOOT!
  • Galchenyuk has all the moves tonight. Could use more finish.
  • Plek is pissed. Nets a penalty for high sticking.
  • Bad timing for a penalty with Montreal mounting pressure.
  • Nugent-Hopkins called for grabbing the biscuit. Eller looked on hungrily.
  • 4-on-4. Go-go-gadget Subban!
  • With Desharnais streaking down the other wing, Max made the right decision.
  • 3-2 Habs. Subban and Markov draw assists on Pacioretty's
  • Dustin Tokarski just made a save that will have Pierre McGuire squeeing for weeks.
  • Did Tokarski just make ANOTHER unbelievable save?
  • Sure did! With a little help from the crossbar.
  • Derek Roy gets some revenge on Emelin for Yakupov.
  • Roy was the first (only?) guy to stand up for Nail after the Emelin hit.
  • Plek wins the faceoff with his glove. That's a no-no.
  • Big penalty kill here with 3 minutes to play.
  • Empty Net? Doesn't Matter. Had Pleks.
  • Nugent-Hopkins ties it with seconds left. And we're on to...


  • You don't want to know.

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Making history! Thomas' first NHL goal:

Birthday Cake

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