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Canadiens vs Flyers Top Six Minutes: A hard working win

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The Habs beat the Flyers after a dismal start, here's the quick recap.

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  • Obvious thought: I am very much wary of Voracek and Giroux.
  • Optimistic Prediction: Brendan Gallagher finally breaks his 6-game goal drought.
  • Pessimistic Prediction: Lecavalier will be Lecavalier, so he'll find some way to score against the Habs.
  • Pugilistic prediction: Ryan White vs Brandon Prust
  • It's the team's 3rd game in 4 days so your post-game narratives have been preprogrammed to "great victory for a tired team" and "it was their 3rd game in 4 nights, they just didn't have enough.

1st Period:

  • Therrien's suit game is not strong tonight.
  • There are way too many guys in Philadelphia who have a tendency to score on MTL, Matt Read strikes. Ugh, 1-0 Flyers.
  • Blowing a loose puck dead, NHL officiating at it's finest.
  • Carey Price, there are no words in English to describe the man.
  • I am honestly surprised Pacioretty and Plekanec don't lead the league in shorthanded goals with what they do on that unit.
  • I can't be the only person who thought Carlo Colaiacovo had retired due to injuries.
  • How much time does this team waste with dump-ins that have no chance of getting a retrieval? Might as well classify them as giveaways.
  • Subban end-to-end rushes are fun, but you all knew that already.
  • The Habs are having way too hard of a time pushing through a defensive group which was partly bought from Giant Tiger.
  • Wow, that period just made me hate dump-and-chase hockey all over again. So many wasted shifts for Montreal with that, plus the horrible stretch passes that don't generate anything.
  • Damien Cox and John Shannon are the intermission panel, so I'll be starting at the ceiling for 18 minutes.

2nd Period:

  • Carey Price saves the day to open the period. You love watching it but get tired of seeing it at the same time.
  • The defensive structure of the Habs is modeled on the Tower of Pisa.
  • Just saw JJ Daigneault's suit. How do these guys spend so much time with Bergevin and wear such lousy suits?
  • Alexei Emelin shot attempts don't show up in Fenwick as they're always blocked.
  • If you told an uninformed observer in the pregame that the Flyers were the team with terrible defence, they wouldn't believe you.
  • Sportsnet again banging the "Weise belongs on the 1st line" drum, who's paying them to do this?
  • Sekac remains a lot of fun to watch in the offensive zone.
  • It would be nice if Ray Emery had to try to make a save.
  • This game is one of those "wait for PK Subban to do something awesome and hope the Habs capitalize on it" affairs.
  • Sekac draws a penalty because he's awesome.
  • Imagine the Habs power play if they tried setting up shooters in the circles.
  • And now Therrien trolls the entire Bell Centre by giving Weise the final PP shift.
  • I give the Habs the Rene Bourque award for this period, as they almost created some scoring chances.

3rd Period:

  • The 4th line has been the team's best line tonight, which is nice but also really upsetting at the same time.
  • Desharnais is the person ahead of you who takes 15 seconds to start moving when the light turns green.
  • Galchenyuk is so close to scoring a lot more, we say this a lot but he's having a really good run in the offensive zone tonight.
  • PK Subban is going to kill a Flyer tonight with his slapper.
  • Weise on the PP, go have carnal relation with a cactus Therrien.
  • Wow it's hard to think about stuff to say regarding this game that isn't redundant about them not creating a decent scoring chance.
  • And just I as I type that... PLEKY SAVES THE DAY!!! Tie Game! Also, that was an uber-sexy dangle on the blue line by Galchenyuk to create the zone entry.
  • Beaulieu scoring the game-winner as his 1st career goal would be cool, I'm testing out my apparent game-influencing powers.
  • It's crazy how the Habs suddenly shift when they think they can score goals. Pure offensive domination leads to their 3rd power play of the game.
  • And we have the power play dump-in, my least favourite thing ever.
  • Dale Weise on the power play again, which would be fine if this was a 6-1 game for Montreal and they were just running out the clock, but they actually have to win this game.


  • Wow that first minute and a half was a waste.
  • Great shift by Eller and Gallagher. Now bracing myself for a Dale Weise shift.
  • And there it is...
  • Desharnais shoots and gets his own rebound! HABS WIN IN OVERTIME!
  • Damn good stuff

EOTP Three Stars

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we were all thinking it

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