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Canadiens vs Coyotes Top Six Minutes: Ya blew it!

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Galchenyuk scores two early goals but the Habs blow the lead to the lowly Coyotes.

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For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in the comments. We try to keep it light and entertaining, even when the Habs make it hard. Full recaps/analysis/walks of shame go up the morning after every game.

  • Big thanks to Matthew Macaskill for tagging me in for today's TSM!
  • I love how it's become a thing that Habs fans are legitimately weary of playing a French Canadian goalie and playing a goalie who is starting in his first NHL game.Today, the Habs get a 2 for 1.
  • Louis Domingue: Drafted by the Coyotes in the 5th round, pick 138 in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. Played for Remparts in the Q for four years. Bobbed from the AHL to the ECHL for 4 years. Played 18 minutes against the Senators last night: Going into the game had a 6.67 GAA and a .818 SV%
First Period
  • Bob Cole is calling this game. Everybody's a winner!
  • Louis Domingue's first save in his first start comes off a shot by Dale Weise. Easing him into it.
  • That escalated quickly for Domingue. Goalchenyuk.
  • Looking it up, Domingue's updates GAA and SV% is: terrible.
  • Domingue just robbed the eff out of Subban. Bronze the puck.
  • Galchenyuk has two. Goalchenyuks? Goalchenyi? Goalchenyi.
  • The powerplay has drastically improved. They have really taen the time to create at least two options for every player, except the one who instantly goes to the front of the net. It's refreshing.
  • The last time a Russian-American from Wisconsin scored 2 in a game was on December 16th 2014 when Alex Galchenyuk did it.
  • The best part is that the Habs are being outshot.
  • Bighlew's defensive game is incredibly sound. The offense will come.
  • The Coyotes drafted Louis Domingue 9 picks ahead of Brendan Gallagher.
  • I see that former future Habs captain Kyle Chipchura is still in the league.
  • The Coyotes miss on two wide open net chances. Somewhere, Robert Lang applauds furiously.
  • Bob Cole said "Dandy." I passed out for 45 minutes.
Second Period
  • When will we get used to saying "Arizona" instead of "Phoenix?" Never?
  • Tokarski is the best Dustin to ever play for the Habs. Dustin Boyd a distant second.
  • The Habs have swapped bad firsts for bad seconds, it seems.
  • The Habs only have 9 shots. 2 goals. Maybe shoot more.
  • It's hard not to like Manny Malhotra because of his story and dedication to the game but he kind of sucks at NHL hockey.
  • Body language on the Coyotes bench: The same as Domingue's GAA and SV%.
  • Pacioretty hits the post. There was a goalie in the net this time.
  • Mike Weaver makes an arm save on a wide open net. Pucks just aren't going in.
  • Eller looks to have tweaked something lower body related. I don't think you'll find a more specific diagnosis anywhere else.
  • Eller returned to the bench. He was second to second with a lower body injury.
  • The Coyotes have scored. Their first goal since March 13th 1961.
Third Period:
  • The Coyotes tie it up. OEL has been luckier than my neighbour's dog. His name is Lucky.
  • That goal was brought to you by the letters: F, F and S
  • Domingue is winning. He is burning me hard.
  • Pretty morbid among Habs fans right now. No real reason to be cheery. Give us a reason, Habs.
  • No real urgency from Montreal. I don't see any possible excuse here. The Coyotes played yesterday too.
  • Lars Eller will not return for the rest of the game. Was he traded?
  • No. He was injured. We went over this.
  • I was in such a good mood a few hours ago.
  • Ho hum
  • We joke around about these French Canadian and first time goalies but the curse is actually real.


Galchenyuk rips his first

Galchenyuk does not rip his second

Three Stars:

3. Galchenyuk scores

2. Pretty much

1. Not sure why it's so hard