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Canadiens vs Bruins Top Six Minutes: Two terrible minutes ruined a strong night

The Canadiens dominated their age-old rivals at the Bell Centre...everywhere but where it counts the most.

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For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

This is the first Habs vs Bruins game I've gotten to see in real time this year. I'd really appreciate it if the Habs could pick up a win tonight as an early birthday present for me to write about!

First Period

  • I will not grouse about the defensive pairings. I will not grouse about the defensive parings. I will not grouse about the defensive pairings. I will not grouse about the defensive parings. I will not grouse about the defensive pairings.
  • Carr, Thomas and Flynn looking great, Carr and Thomas showing that chemistry that made them one of the best lines on the IceCaps to start the season.
  • The Eller-Plekanec-Byron line showing some offensive flair early. The Habs finally have a power-on-power line, and a second highly skilled two way line. I like this. A lot. Especially with the fourth line featuring Carr and Thomas.
  • There have been 12,000 whistles already. It's not even the ten minute mark.
  • Markov just threw hip check so big I thought it was vintage Emelin-against-Boston.
  • That goal was brought to you by Paul, Lord Byron.
  • Julien looking up in baffled amazement gives me life. Life I tell you. So does Rask's terrible luck against the Habs.
  • The Habs speed is especially on display tonight.

Second Period

  • One way to get Eller ice time is to put him with Plekanec. Another is to play 4 on 4 or down a man for long periods of time. One way to give Max Pacioretty less time is to play him with Alex Galchenyuk. One day the ice time will make sense...
  • Sven Andrighetto is an NHLer. So are Carr and Thomas, for that matter.
  • Rask looking like an actual NHL goalie against the Habs for a change, but doesn't matter. Plekanec line draws a penalty after a strong offensive zone shift.
  • Habs powerplay starts by being hemmed in it's own zone... *sigh*
  • The Bruin's powerplay is the best in the league... the Habs penalty kill is better though.
  • At the end of two, every single Habs is at 50% CF or above, and the ice time is balancing out. Beautiful.

Third Period

  • This may be the single most boring TSM I've ever written. And it's a Habs vs Bruins game.
  • The PK Subban commercial is absolutely adorable though. This team is just the best.
  • I've got nothing, guys.
  • The Plekanec line is amazing.
  • Weise gets hauled down.
  • I'd appreciate it if the Habs would look alive as well as dominant.
  • When the offence wakes up, oh boy it's gonna be pretty.
  • Oh for crying out loud. That was not what I was hoping for. That goal is what I get for saying good things about the Habs' special teams...
  • You've gotta be kidding me... two goals in less than a minute. Oy vey.
  • If Therrien activates the blender I'm going to be incredibly cross...
  • Mike Condon just saved the close game with that save.
  • Yet another game where the Habs are getting Habbed. Badly. Darn you Bergeron...
  • Pacioretty, Plekanec and Eller out for the first shift of the powerplay drawn by Desharnais. That is the single most exciting thing that has happened since that short handed goal.
  • The Habs are a minute away from losing at home for the first time since 2014.

Final thoughts

  • Keep the Plekanec line together. They were spectacular.
  • The Habs have now lost a few they deserved to win. I guess this is penance for all the games they won last year that they really had no business walking away with.
  • Here's to hoping my birthday game goes a lot better than this one did.

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