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Alexander Semin and Habs agree to a mutual contract termination

After clearing waivers, Alex Semin and the Canadiens have mutually decided to terminate his contract with the club.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

After Alexander Semin cleared waivers, there were rumblings that he was looking to potentially find himself a home in the KHL.

That may now be something he'll pursue in full force, as he and the Canadiens have together decided to part ways for good. After clearing waivers for the second straight day, the two sides agreed to mutually terminate Semin's contract. With this move, his $1.1 million cap hit will come off the books for Montreal.

It is understandable that a player like Semin would not want to spend time playing in the AHL. He's an NHL veteran past his prime, and this is his last chance to cash in on his abilities. He can probably fetch himself a decent salary in Russia, and that also allows him to play at home as he closes out his career.

Unfortunately the gamble on Semin didn't pay off, but it wasn't a very risky gamble anyways. If he has gone on to score 20 goals on the year, the move would have been widely lauded, but even in failure there isn't much to be upset about.

We wish Mr. Semin the very best in all future endeavours.