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Alexander Semin Clears Waivers, assigned to the AHL

No team was willing to take a chance on Alexander Semin as he cleared waivers today

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't much of a surprise but it was confirmed that Alexander Semin has cleared waivers today.

It may be a mild surprise that a team didn't take a chance on the winger, especially at a low cost. There are some people who would argue that Semin in the right situation could be a productive NHL player, and I tend to agree with that. The same things that made signing Semin attractive to the Canadiens is what would make him attractive to other NHL teams.

The thing is, simply, that the Canadiens felt the benefit of playing Sven Andrighetto or Christian Thomas or Daniel Carr was better than trying to fit Semin into the lineup.

The waiver claim of Paul Byron also didn't help Semin. Byron proved to give more than Semin playing on the penalty kill and important fourth line minutes. Remember, it was Byron's insertion that made it difficult for Michel Therrien to find a spot for Semin to re-enter the lineup.

Update: Semin has been assigned to the IceCaps: