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Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: The Habs can't find a win in Raleigh

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday, the Habs played their hearts out and lost two points to their closest eastern rival, the Washington Capitals. They definitely deserved to win that game, as we all know, but they very impressively held Alexander Ovechkin to a single shot in the entire game. With Carey Price out until the new year, it's clear the Habs are taking their responsibility seriously, in allowing a minimum amount of shots on Mike Condon. Additionally, despite facing probably the best goalie in the NHL absent Price, the Canadiens managed to get two goals past Braden Holtby, and this via secondary scoring.

The Habs are fine. They won't be taking the Carolina Hurricanes lightly, as every team facing the Habs this season is positively drooling to be one of the few fortunate enough to give the Habs an L. It's December 5. Your Habs' L/OT columns still add up to a single digit. 19 regulation wins. They have scored 92 goals. Carey Price only played 12 of the 27 games to this point. Need I say more?

I think tonight, the team's "best players" will be their best players. Although at this point, with the cohesion of this brotherhood and its performance thus far, one could argue that more and more, every man on this team could be considered a "best player," in that it would seem that no matter what assignment, every player is working his heart out and taking his role, whether 'promotion' or 'demotion,' seriously. Pretty much couldn't ask for more.

Let's go!

First period:

  • 29 seconds in, and Fleischmann registers the first shot on goal
  • Good save by Condon on Carolina's first shot
  • Daniel Carr, first NHL goal on his first shift and they show his family and no, YOU'RE crying
  • Pacioretty draws a penalty , come on come on boys
  • Carolina is absolutely frantic.
  • I like Sportsnet's "numbers can lie" table regarding the Habs' loss on Thursday
  • Zilch on that PP
  • That little boy from the Scotiabank commercial looks exactly like Paul Byron. Paul Byron, I'm not picking on you (adorable)
  • There is a TON of red jerseys at this game in Carolina, oh empty seats, red seats, never mind
  • Raise your hand if you did the dramatic inhale right before Staal fanned on that rebound
  • Hainsey's name is already a hockey nickname
  • Condon's looking more and more confident with every save
  • Uhhhhhh that is a pretty weak call, but I'm looking forward to a Byron breakaway on the PK
  • Betcha Faulk's friends had a great time with his name growing up
  • Skinner roofs a pretty goal. Bastard.
  • Pacioretty got clipped in the face by Weise and leaves the ice to possibly get some stitches though by the time I'm done typing this sentence he will be healed
  • Petry is a pretty pesky pocket-picker
  • Another powerplay, that first wave was cool
  • 1-1, end of the first.

Second period:

  • Patch is healed. Told you.
  • End of the powerplay looks dangerous, but nada. Rien. Niente.
  • I am making more noise alone with my dogs in my living room than the 12 people in Raleigh
  • Habs are all over these guys
  • I'm not alone anymore and my son is here trying to explain Star Wars to me. He thinks Luke Skywalker is the bad guy - spoiler alert.
  • Pulling the goalie on a delayed penalty usually terrifies me but that almost worked
  • OH P.K. almost!
  • This powerplay has otherwise been a complete mess
  • Carr came close to getting his second of the game - setting up shop in Gallagher's office
  • OK, so half the game left to get all those GOALS, BOYS
  • Forget dramatic inhale, I scream-inhaled during that flurry on Condon. Settle. Down. Guys.
  • Can Pacioretty buy a goal?
  • Andrighetto! From Petry. Off the faceoff. That was beautiful.
  • 2-1, good guys!
  • I was literally just typing how good Condon is looking, when Carolina tied it. Not sure about my old pal Emelin on that play there.
  • Joe Pesci plays for the Hurricanes?
  • Like - why are so many clean shots making it to Condon, FFS? This is because of everything I said up there, isn't it.
  • Carolina powerplay (gritting teeth emoji)
  • Thank you, Condon.
  • 2-2 after two.

Third period:

  • Do your third period thing. DO IT.
  • WHAT.
  • How can that not be goalie interference?! First with the cross check, then with the leg breaker? Come on.
  • I am terrified to check twitter be because I'm watching on Game Centre and it's eleven thousand minutes behind
  • This is ridiculous how long it's taking
  • Oh my god thank god
  • Eric Staal, sit down. You know what you did.
  • You have no idea how much I'm silently reassuring Condon from here. Wait - you might have a good idea.
  • Can Weise buy a goal?
  • Galchenyuk dangled too long there
  • Shots not nearly as disparate anymore
  • It's all Habs now
  • I say things, and they immediately stop happening. I am the opposite of giddy with power.
  • Subban, this is the one out of 1,000,000,000 times I'm mad at you
  • Carolina to the PP
  • Dear Santa: a defib for Christmas plz
  • I'm going to stop saying things about things because jinxes but
  • .... Condo looked good on that PK
  • Pacioretty has six shots. Six. Six.
  • Galchenyuk, OMG that would have been amazing.
  • Pacioretty takes faceoffs now, OK
  • Faulk is always in the exact same spot
  • Carolina powerplay again - Mr. Gilbert.
  • There it is.
  • Who brought the paper bags?
  • Shake it off, V. Plenty of time left.
  • The Desharnais line has been reunited and it is on FIYAH
  • Please please please
  • Carolina gets a penalty at a most inopportune time
  • You can trip Desharnais on the powerplay that's cool
  • That coach behind the Hurricanes' bench is doing crazy sign language stuff that would be funny if I weren't having a heart attack
  • Sorry. I spent the last three minutes on my feet.
  • Crap.
  • Paper bag time.