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Prospect Update: Martin Reway leads the comeback in Swiss league action

Martin Reway is flourishing in a centre role in the Swiss National League A.

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Martin Réway continued his amazing form last night when his team played Lugano in front of a home crowd in Fribourg.

Being down 3-1 at the begining of the third period, Réway started a spirited comeback; netting one assist and one goal to take the game into overtime. The skillful Slovakian has moved into a centre role permanently on the Swiss team, and his game has clearly benefitted from that move. With 11 points in just six games so far, it's more about how far he can take it.

There is no denying the skill that Martin Réway has, to develop it as much as he has in the Extraliga — despite whatever happened to end his tenure with Sparta Praha, which probably held him back in that situation — is nothing but remarkable, and shows drive, determination, and a will to succeed.

Réway's assist came from intercepting a pass, and, in the same motion, sending the puck forward to his winger for a lightning-fast counter attack. A failed marking assignment from the opposition defence was a large factor on his game-tying goal, but Réway's instincts took him to the front of the net, where he pounced on the fee puck and calmly put it past the goalkeeper.