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Martin Reway Q&A: Submit Your Questions

We're going to check in with Martin Reway, and we want to give the community the chance to ask a question.


I will be heading to Switzerland next week, to catch the game between Auston Matthews' Zurich Lions, and Martin Réway's Fribourg-Gottéron Dragons.

I have been asking Fribourg for an interview with Réway since the deal with Sparta Prague went through, and this week I received confirmation from the club that an interview has been arranged.

It'll be a perfect opportunity to follow up with Réway, and expand upon the questions and answers session that took place this summer.

We would like to invite the Habs Eyes on the Prize community to provide some questions ahead of the interview. We'll choose questions that are deemed interesting, and have a potential to bring the interview forward.

Please remember that questions like, "When do you plan on coming over to North America?" don't necessarily advance the conversation, whereas something along the lines of,  "is the NHL your ultimate goal as a hockey player?" does.

Please submit the questions below and I'll do my best to forward them to Martin when I see him on Tuesday.