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John Scott leading the All-Star vote isn't funny, it's dumb.

Call me Buzz Killington, but this is what I would call a very unfunny brand of trolling.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Right now, John Scott is the overall votes leader for the NHL All-Star game. The same John Scott who has played in exactly six games this year. The same John Scott who is probably better suited to be a bouncer at your favourite nightclub, than to play for your favourite NHL team.

This is trolling at it's finest. This is Donald Trump's presidential campaign on steroids. This is a player doing the Jose Bautista bat flip with a hockey stick, against the Leafs, after scoring a goal to go up by six. This is... Well, it's something. One thing is for certain, it's not an original idea, we've seen this type of situation play out before when it comes to All-Star voting.

I realize that I am a Habs fan, and as such, people will be quick to point out the starting lineup from the 2009 All-Star game. I didn't want Mike Komisarek on that team, and I'm not even sure that Carey Price or Andrei Markov, two of my personal favourite players, deserved to be starters that year. I want the best possible NHL players to get their due accolades whenever possible.

But I digress. Mr. Scott was recently asked why he thinks it is that the fans are giving him so many votes, and he had the following to say about it:

"It's kind of neat, the fans they obviously like me for some reason. I think it's more of a joke than anything, but I'll take it."

It's not "neat" by any stretch of the word, but he hit the nail on the head, in that the key word here is "joke." It's a joke that Max Domi, an extremely talented rookie who is actually helping Scott's team, has less votes than him. It's a joke that Jamie Benn, who has three times the amount of goals scored than Scott has games played, has less votes than him. It's simply a joke. A very, very dumb joke.

And Scott himself seems to even recognize this:

"I don’t want to have my name in the headlines for this reason. Like, it's a fun little thing and hopefully it'll die down over time.

It’s not something -- I definitely don't want to be voted into the All-Star Game. It would be cool, but I definitely don't deserve it to this point. You never know. There's still some time left. I could turn it on."

Self-awareness is a tough thing to have sometimes, and at least the man has some. He knows that there are many more deserving players, and I doubt he wants a troll effort to give him a spot over any such player, certainly not a teammate. But what if that actually happens?

Let's say by some miracle, this masterstroke of trolling actually succeeds. Although that seems highly unlikely, it would be completely ridiculous. Imagine John Scott in the skills competition; what move would he pull in the shootout? My guess is he'd have a player with actual talent flip him the puck, and he'd attempt to punch it into the net.

Maybe he could race against Tyler Seguin, or Jamie Benn? It would be like watching a Ferrari street race against a 1985 Hyundai Pony with no tires. Basically, John Scott having anything to do with the NHL All-Star weekend is a big bag of nope, and this dumb joke needs to end.

So please, for the love of god, whoever is participating in this, stop. Stop, before you actually somehow accomplish the thing, and some player who actually deserves the accolade on their record doesn't get it. Stop, before this madness goes too far.

Sincerely, Buzz Killington.