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EOTP's Habs Christmas wish list

It's that time of year again, so here are the EOTP staff wishes for the Habs.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Things are tough right now now, and everybody around the Habs feels bad. That said, it is the holidays, so we've decided to share with you our wishes for the Habs as the season rolls along. We encourage you to share your own in the comment section if you have anything you'd like to add!

Namiko wishes for some wins, and lines that no longer make her sad. Namiko is a simple soul.

Patrick wishes for the Habs to score more goals than the other team in the near future. He also wishes for them to acquire Kyle Okposo, as he is a right winger who could seriously help the Habs score goals.

Zeb wishes for a deadline deal that could help the Habs like Jeff Petry did last year. More Swedes, because Swedes are the best (I see you Patrik) and more European prospects, so he can interview more people like he interviewed Martin Reway and Artturi Lehkonen.

Cara wishes for some better luck for the Habs. For Michel Therrien to start embracing that bad luck does not mean bad play, and sometimes the best way to turn things around is to just stick with it and tough it out. Oh, and I want Brendan Gallagher and Carey Price back, and Sven Andrighetto to play every game.

Laura would like them to win again, with better shot metrics. She would also like them to right the ship, and go on a cup run.

Andrea wishes for a healthy team with no more injuries, and full-steam ahead to win a Stanley Cup. Imagine that after the season they have had.

Andrew Z. wishes for a Stanley Cup, and nothing less.

Stephen wishes for Therrien to blossom into a great coach, and stop with the questionable lineup decisions and tactics. He also wishes that Therrien would trust the young players more, including Alex Galchenyuk. Then, the Habs can win the Cup with him as the head coach.

Aruny wishes for some people to stop criticizing star players who participate in a lot of charity things. For the Habs to not get their butts handed to them at the Winter Classic, and for everyone here to have a happy holidays

Mike wishes for all the Habs to have their own puppy, because everyone loves puppies.

Jared wishes that Michel Therrien finds peace, because he be under so much pressure, which leads to him panicking about line combinations and constantly change things up. That is a lot of pressure for one man to be under. And maybe Guy Boucher should get a NHL job soon, because let's be honest, he got the short end of the stick in Tampa.

Scott wishes for the call ups from the Rock to play, the IceCaps to finally get a playoff berth, and for the NHL to spell his name correctly on his press creds at the Winter Classic.

Veronica only wishes that Carey Price fully and completely recovers from his injury, and doesn't come back one second before that.

Matt wishes for a Stanley Cup, because he swore a year ago that he wouldn't cut his hair until they win another, and it is getting extremely long. Tying a man bun every morning is getting exhausting for him.

He also wishes for Jaromir Jagr to the Habs. He does not care if it actually helps them, he just wants to buy a Jagr jersey, turn his flow into a sweet mullet, then parade around Montreal looking like a legend.

Marc wishes for a contact at the Swiss embassy, as to encourage them to use diplomatic leverage, forcing the Habs to finally use Sven Andrighetto.

He also wishes to thank his amazing staff, and the great EOTP community for supporting us throughout the years.